Tuesday, July 5, 2011


YouTube is an extremely powerful medium. We all use it on a daily basis and it's a great tool for finding out more about what is going on in the world around us. Content is continually being uploaded with more than a days worth of footage going live every hour. But do you know how to manage your account?

When choosing a name for your account, keep it professional. No one is going to want to take you seriously with a name like "hotgurl11" or "beerpongking". Always make sure the details you wish to disclose on your account are accurate incase someone wants to search for you. Information such as interests will also be associated with your name, unless you choose to leave that section blank. Just be careful what you include, as the permanent nature of the web can sometimes come back to get you.

There isn’t much privacy online, but the best you can do is check your settings to make sure you are protecting yourself and your content. Your channel should be the first thing people see once they’ve successfully searched your name. You can check your settings to select what you want visible on this page. Remember to keep all content professional! We and every company approve all comments before they are posted online to protect our brand. Include your subscribers to show your reliability – and keep track of what is in your history.

Any videos you upload should also be tasteful. Don't have others in your videos unless they have given their consent. You wouldn't want someone to upload a video that compromises your professionalism, so treat others the same way. Jack’s history showcases career-related videos to carry on our theme within Career Services. If we had videos of Call of Duty...well, that might look a bit odd.

That’s pretty much YouTube... just remember that everything you upload is permanent and can be shared through many people in a quick time span. Keep it relevant, keep your image.

For more information on using social media professionally, stop into Career Services and talk to a Career Assistant. We would love to talk with you!

Your gals,
Sam & Rach

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