Monday, February 24, 2020

It's time for.... Summer Job Search!!

Summer! Summer! Summer! One of the most exciting seasons there is! There are many opportunities available and events to take part in. Well, do you also know what that means...? Summer Jobs! Internships! Spring/Summer Co-ops! Woohoo! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to search for employment opportunities, this blog will provide you with all the necessary information you will need, in order to be successful in your job search and unlocking your hidden potential.

Do you know exactly where you want to work.... No? Well that’s alright. Discovering your interest is the first thing needed to unlock your potential. Make a list of all the places that are of interest in your area. This may include things that may align with your beliefs, values, your field of study or just an opportunity to take part in an adventurous or exciting experience during the summer. If you don’t know exactly the profession you are interested in, don’t fret! Explore occupations best suited to your interests, skills and values by taking a career assessment tab on our website on CareerZone at . Assessments such as CareerCruising, TypeFocus and Talentoday are self-exploration activities that help you learn more about yourself by identifying your personality, skills, motivations and preferred work environments.

When was the last time you reviewed your resume, cover letters etc.? Days? Weeks?
Months? Or even Years? Don’t wait until a deadline is fast approaching before it forces you to revise your document. A regular review will help you catch those tiny mistakes in your documents, while making you sound more professional. Have your resume and cover letter documents reviewed at CareerZone for formatting and the development of strong statements. Doing this will make you more familiar with your own experiences and thus makes it easier to relate or develop connections to a wide variety of opportunities.

To start your job search look at various social media sites to find potential employers, connect with other professionals, which can aid in finding potential hidden job markets. Can’t find the job you are looking for? No worries! Consider similar work settings that may use a similar skill set in your field of interest. Stay positive, focused and persistent throughout the job process as it can take time. Sometimes it may be hard to find a job in your field, but consider volunteering throughout the summer to gain more experience!

Helpful Links [On Campus]

  • Most positions are posted between late December to mid-March with concentration in January and February.
  • CareerZone website []
  • Brock’s Workday [] · B.U.S.U []
  • Recreation Jobs []
  • Brock Human Resources [] 
  • Student Life Community Experience [] ·

Helpful Links [Off-Campus]

  • Some positions are posted on the CareerZone website or on the company’s website. · Health Care Jobs in Canada [].
  • Look at Federal, Provincial and Municipal government opportunities within your community. · Interest in summer camps:
  • CERF Niagara: (Helpful Francophone Employment and Resource Center)
  • offers lots of jobs in a large variety of fields
Finally...don't stress! Make sure your resume is up to date and visit us in CareerZone to ensure you are incorporating skills employers will want to see. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Keeping up with Goodman 📈

Hey Badgers! Getting involved during your University career can make the difference between having an ok time to have an amazing time. I can say from my personal experience, some of my best and brightest memories at Brock were made from joining a student club and getting involved on campus. Brock has so much to offer its students that we cannot just have one blog post to it, so we are dedicating this post to the Goodman Business Students!

There’s no better time to be a Goodman student than right now! As second semester is underway there are a plethora of events, clubs and teams to get involved in. Goodman Career is the department at Brock University which works with the Goodman student body and helps develop the talent pool at Brock. Whatever advice you may need pertaining to your future career and job search Goodman Career will have the answer.

Interested in applying to a job, but don’t know if your resume will make the cut? Goodman Career is here for you. From LinkedIn reviews to graduate school applications, to mock interviews they are the one stop shop for all your career related questions. Find us through the Goodman Portal on or visit us at the Gate to get those career-related questions answered!

Goodman Career is hosting its final "Exploring Careers in..." series of the year on February 12, 2020 from 5-7pm. Exploring Careers in Entrepreneurship is a chance for students to hear from REAL entrepreneurs who turned their passions into a career. Students will also have the opportunity to hear about working for startups and how the culture of a company can change depending on its team and size. For more events like this log on to, click on the "Goodman Career" events tab to register.

Looking to get involved in some other ways? Business students interested in student leadership can look to join the Business Students Association. A club which over sees all the business clubs at Brock. Umbrella clubs which are also looking for more student engagement include the Accounting Students Association, Brock Finance and Investments Group, Brock Innovation Group, Women in Business, Brock Marketing Association and more. More information can be found through the clubs social media pages, or visit the Business Students Association office at GSB 309.

If you’re looking to practice your pitching skills there are many cases and pitch style competitions to take part in. This year Goodman placed in the top 3 at the JDCC Case Competition and brought home a number of trophies from DECA Provincials. The Monster Pitch competition is another way to develop your presentation skills and sell the idea of a product or service. Follow the Goodman BSA and other related business student clubs to learn about more opportunities to get involved. The Goodman School of Business provides an excellent supporting step to get involved. I suggest starting to look at what you’re interested in now for the following school year. Make the most of your University career. After all, these are the best years of your life!

Don't forget, stop by CareerZone located in Market Hall, or come see us at the Gate located at the end of the Canadian Tire Bridge for document reviews or get your questions answered! Hours for the Winter semester are: Tuesday from 9am-1pm, Wednesday from 9am-2pm, Thursday 11:30am-2:30pm, and Friday from 9am-12pm!