Friday, November 20, 2020

Identifying Your Network


Identifying Your Network

Networking is in. Passivity on general job-search engines is out! (sorry Indeed lovers) 

The labour market requires students to be dynamic with their approach to job searching. This means reaching out to professionals in fields that spark interest. Networking also allows you to narrow your desired position to what you value from the position and the organization. Yes, you are looking for a job – but the employer also is looking for you! Additionally, a network is fluid with the concept of branding. In a competitive job market, how can you individualize your professional self to be enticing to a potential employer? Remember you’re making connections for valuable information, but also for potential job openings. You could have a simpler time finding a position through individuals in your network than a general job search on Indeed.  

The initial and most important move for your networking is to identify your network. Realistically, you should be telling everyone you come across what your goals are for the workforce and post-academia. You never know “who knows who” because it may not be bluntly apparent or obvious. When I consider this, I think about my roommate who is a teaching assistant in the psychology program at Brock. Some students would have had no clue who their TA was if they hadn’t been introduced, based on her youthfulness. It is a funny story that offers some insight to the fact that one person can connect you to many people. A TA is connected to other TAs in that program in different years, professors, classmates of their own, different individuals in the Brock community, and then everyone in their own personal network. In summary, starting with your Brock community is a great place to begin because these are like-minded individuals who are in or were previously in your shoes.  

Regarding your Brock community, we recommend careful consideration of organizations or program memberships that you withhold. Are you part of a workshop through Experience Plus? For example, Brock Leads has a four-part workshop currently underway. This is an example of a perfect networking opportunity with students you may not otherwise come into “contact” with. Secondly, what organizations are you involved with that are listed on your Degree Exploration Guide (i.e., ONA – Ontario Nurses Association or Canadian Association of Journalists)?  Whatever your associations of interest are, do not be afraid to put yourself out there.  With some rapport, you can start asking and stating things like, “I am an undergraduate student in Media and Communication Studies. I really want to know what it would be like being a communications rep for a Toronto organization, so I am in the market for discovering what that could be like.” Additionally, there is a fantastic program called 10 Thousand Coffees that has a partnership with Brock. With a very simple sign-up, you get connected to Brock University Alumni that can provide you with customized insight to your questions and interests with global and local talent. And even more, you will receive a LinkedIn certificate outlining your commitment to a growth mindset, which will count as volunteer experience.  

With respect to your identity outside of your student cap, consider other relational or personal associations you are involved in. In your personal life, this may include your volunteer experiences, the arts community, parents/guardians, relatives, siblings, friends, neighbors, your local restaurant owner, et cetera. With that, it may be wise to choose those who have a good social network themselves (I.e., teachers within the community).  

In a time where virtual interaction is prioritized, there is a need for students to build their networks. Virtual networking can be much easier, and it allows for more flexibility. Not to mention, we are all in need of social interaction, and we hope that whoever you choose is eager to interact with people just as much as we miss interacting with you face-to-face at CareerZone in Guernsey Market.  

A non-exhaustive list: 

  1. Family 
  2. Friends 
  3. Neighbors 
  4. Brock Community 
  5. Geographical Community (i.e., local councilor, local teacher, local store owner, community events, etc.) 
  6. Professional Associations or Memberships 
  7. Personal Association or Memberships (i.e., book club, volleyball league, city council, church, etc.) 
  8. Workshops 
  9. CareerZone at Brock University 
  10. 10 Thousand Coffees and LinkedIn 
  11. Different age groups for all listed above ^ 
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Written by Lisa Brown, Career Assistant and Blog Manager
Edited by Kara Renaud, Supervisor of Career Education, CCEE Department

Friday, October 9, 2020

The Role of Assessments in Career Planning

 This post will provide Brock University students an opportunity to identify their interest, which is an important component in career development. 

What are Career Assessments?

Career assessments are useful tools that help you gain self-knowledge about your strengths, interests, weaknesses, values, ambitions, passions etc. These assessments not only help you understand yourself better, but these insights are crucial to know when selecting a career path.

Tests such as TypeFocus, Career Cruising and Colour Code which can all be found on the CareerZone portal at, often consists of subjective multiple-choice questions that evaluate your values, skills and personality traits. These matches are solely unique and based upon your responses. Thus, there are no right or wrong answers because at the end of the day, these assessments are purposed to provide prospective career options or personality traits that should be considered when finding careers suitable for yourself.

Importance of Career Assessments

Career or personality assessments are vital to career development and are an effective first step in planning your career or your career journey. The reason is, career assessments help you identify suitable situations that propel you in areas that lead to growth, while also identifying areas that you need to work on. This is important in developing effective strategies and specific efforts during your career journey, in order to build confidence in your approach to concrete and comprehensive details in your action plan.

When is it the Right Time to take a Career Assessment?

There is no right time to take a career assessment because over the course of career planning, skills and mindsets are prone to change as individuals become exposed to new experiences and opportunities. However, it is recommended that you take career assessments periodically to ensure that your skills, values, and interest may still align with your career goals.

Written By: Yaa Asare

Friday, September 25, 2020

CareerZone Services - What are we About?


CareerZone Services – What are we About?

This blog post will highlight the services we provide Brock University students at all levels and stages in their career journey. Students will be able to access many of our resources through the CareerZone portal at, using their Brock student credentials.


1.       Document Review

In CareerZone, we urge students to get their resume and cover letter reviewed, in order to stand out to employers. This is important because having an updated document shows quality and regularly reviewing your documents makes you become more proactive. Need help? Our Career Assistants can help guide you through the document review process. Simply, email us a Word version of your resume and cover letter to

2.       Experience More

On our website students can learn more about getting involved and explore useful resources that help build professional and employability skills. These may include job search, graduate opportunities, volunteer opportunities, experiential learning, going abroad and more. We also offer an assortment of career assessments like Career Cruising and ColourCode to help individuals identify their interests and personality, to help with career exploration. Platforms such as Interview Stream, can also be found on our portal and aid students to practice their responses to interview questions, while building their confidence. Thirdly, students can book appointments with our Talent Development Specialist for in-depth consultations regarding job search strategies, mock interviews and more.

3.       Workshops and Events

Students can check out the events page to view upcoming workshops, webinars and events. Attending these workshops and employer events are a great way for students to gain new knowledge about a particular field and even build and expand their network. Partaking in these events will also help students to better manage and maximize their Brock experience by learning to apply the skills they have acquired.


Connect with us Virtually this Year!

Join our Career Assistants for our live drop-in sessions on Microsoft Teams, to ask brief questions you may have pertaining to our services and resources.

 Our Career Assistants host workshops on a variety of topics that help to develop and strengthen student’s personal development. Some topics include part-time job search, resume writing, interview Prep and more!


 Unable to join us for live drop-ins? No worries, students can get access to our online chat at for common inquiries.



For in-depth consultations, students can connect with us through email at for questions regarding resume & cover letter review, job search help, career exploration, interview preparation and more.



Follow us on our social media to stay up to date with all our upcoming events and contests!

Twitter: @BrockCareerZone

Instagram: @brockcareerzone


Written by: Yaa Asare

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Meet our Career Assistant Team for the 2020-2021 School Year!

 Meet our Career Assistant Team for the 2020-2021 School Year!

With the summer being a blast and the upcoming school year returning, we would like to welcome everyone to our 2020-2021 CareerZone team.


Elizabeth Greff

(Business Administration Co-op, 2nd year.)

Hi, my name is Elizabeth. An interesting fact about me is that I enjoy fictional books and movies over non-fiction because they let real imagination show without being restricted by the world's limits. My favorite CareerZone related experience was attending the co-op winter mixer. At first, it was a bit out of my comfort zone to meet so many new people all at once, but in the end, it was a great experience. I met many amazing people with great stories to tell some of which I am still connected too, and I became more comfortable with holding a casual small talk. It was a great place for me to expand my network with other students. 

During these strange times, I am hoping to become a helpful resource for any students who need help preparing/figuring out their future. I hope to give them the chance to explore new opportunities even online and feel more confident about their future. 


Mikaela Sifflet

(BBA Co-op, 2nd Year)

Hi, I’m Mikaela. One of my favourite things to do is interact with people and to learn about their interests and passions. As a Career Assistant, I have the opportunity to stay connected with students and to be a helping hand in their understanding of the leadership skills and strengths valued in potential employees. During this unique time, I am glad that we have the amazing opportunity to continue to connect virtually, to ensure students have the best experience. 


Valarie Harris

(Bachelor of Business Administration Conc. Human Resource Management, 4th Year)

My name is Valarie. An interesting fact about myself is that I have never had even a sip of Coffee! My favourite experience with CareerZone has been seeing the friendly faces every time I walk through the business hall. Getting greeted by them always puts a smile on my face and I hope to be able to do the same this year! My biggest joy in life is helping others, so throughout this year I hope to be able to help as many students as I can in my new role! I also hope to help make the job search easier for students and be a stepping stool for their success! 


Brieanna Wannack

(Concurrent Education, 2nd Year)

Hi I’m Brieanna. An interesting fact about me is that I was a competitive figure skater for thirteen years. My favourite CareerZone related experience are the events that are held throughout the year that encourage and provide insight on career exploration and job search strategies that are available for every single Brock University student to attend. I am excited about engaging in quality conversations about career related topics in my new role and form good relations with my peers. I am also excited to participate in the several events that CareerZone holds throughout the year!


Lisa Brown

(Media and Communication Studies, 3rd Year)

Hi, my name is Lisa. I have a Journalism Diploma from Niagara College. An interesting fact about me is that I received the Associate Dean’s Award — for overall excellence in Year 1, and I tied for the Senator Kieth Davey Memorial Scholarship — in Year 2. I am excited to help students gain knowledge about our services. I want students and staff to be excited for their future and broaden their knowledge of where their experiences and studies can take them! Additionally, I enjoy learning from other people, so I am excited to learn from my fellow staff as well as students! We can all learn something from each other!

 New Goodman Career Assistant

Liam Nowacki

(BBA – Finance, 3rd Year)

My name's Liam and I'm very excited to be starting my first year as a Career Assistant for Goodman! I'm currently in my third year of BBA - Finance with the goal of returning for my MBA in the future. My main hope for this year is to help students navigate these difficult times while still showing off all the amazing things Brock has to offer!

Returning Career Assistants


Joceline Gaffan

(BA. Child Health, 4th Year)

Hi my name is Joceline, and I'm a Lead Career Assistant. My favourite CareerZone related experience was having a student come to me a couple weeks after I helped them perform a document review, to express their gratitude of obtaining a job with a company they really wanted. During this time, the pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and I hope to help students of Brock reach their career/job goals whether that be from the comfort of their own home or in-person services.


Emma King

(BA. Child and Youth Studies)

Hi I’m Emma! I am a new Senior Career Assistant and Brock student currently studying child and youth studies. While working at CareerZone I have had the opportunity to partake in many events we have hosted such as the CareerZone Cafes, which are most helpful for understanding new tips and tricks within your career journey. Stepping into a leadership role I aim to bring helpful resources to my fellow coworkers and students this year!

Yaa Asare

(BPH. Honours, 3rd Year)

Hi my name is Yaa. My favourite career-related experience is having discussions with students about their career aspirations and providing them with the resources they need for their career journey. Starting my new role as a Sr. Career Assistant this school year, I hope to help Brock students understand our services and identify strategies that enable them to meet their individual goals. In addition, I hope to help the new CA’s get situated in their new role.

Samara Vandersloot

(BA. Political Science, 4th Year)

Hi, I'm Samara and will be both a Career Assistant and an Experience Plus Assistant this year. My favorite experience with CareerZone was definitely working as a full-time summer student, while getting to know the Ins and outs of the role and working with the CCEE team! I hope to bring a sense of enthusiasm to my role this year, as I am so excited to jump in and work with students!

Returning Goodman Career Assistant