Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Experience Plus: Track and Expand Your Undergraduate Experiences

Experience Plus

What is it?

Experience Plus is a tool for students to keep track of their involvement and achievements in their undergraduate degree, including:
  • On Campus jobs
  • On- or off-campus volunteer placements
  • Internships
  • Workshop Participation
  • Professional development activities
  • Certificates and awards
  • Skills
All experiences recorded in Experience Plus can be printed onto an official certificate at your request. This is a great way to display your involvement during your degree to potential employers, 
or to add to your portfolio. 

How do you use it?

To record experiences with Experience Plus:

1. Log in to my.brocku.ca
2. Click on "Student Self Serve - Menu"
3. Click on "Career Education" and "Plus Programs" and "Student Data"
4. Enter information into the various tabs, making sure that it can be verified (via a supervisor, certificate, etc). Submit it and wait for an Experience Plus Assistant to approve your entry!
5. If you would like an Experience Plus Certificate, review your information to make sure it is all current and accurate, click on "Plus Transcript" and request a transcript!

What does a completed transcript look like?
Every student's transcript will look different because we each have different experiences! However, the standard format for the transcript looks like this:


If you have any questions or concerns about your experience plus transcript, email expplus@brocku.ca!

Experience Plus Programs:

There are many "Plus Programs" that can enhance your undergraduate degree or track the skills you gain during your degree.

Med Plus 
Med plus is a four year co-curricular program for those interested in a career in the healthcare field. It runs alongside your normal study and includes guest speakers, job shadowing, volunteering, skill development workshops and more. It is a highly competitive program and requires you to apply for it out of high school! Some space is available for first year students to apply. To see more about application requirements and learn more about the program, click here.

Law Plus
Law plus is a new co-curricular program to Brock for students interested in a profession related to Law! Through the program you will learn about and build experience in the legal field through job shadowing, networking, skill development workshops and more! Opportunities are currently available for current Brock students and high-school students to apply. Drop in to CareerZone or visit here for more information!

Lab Skills Plus
Lab skills plus is an opportunity for Biology, Oenology, Neuroscience and Biomedical Science students to track all of their lab skills gained during their undergraduate degree! It offers an official documented list of skills to assist with resumes and interviews to set you apart from other candidates. You can learn more or sign up for Lab Skills Plus by emailing expplus@brocku.ca! 

International Plus 
International Plus includes a series of workshops and lectures or other experiences that enhance global awareness and provide international exposure. The activities you complete throughout International Plus can be documented on your Experience Plus transcript. Click here for more information!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Working and Volunteering Abroad Opportunities

This week’s blog post will focus on the variety of connections and resources that Brock CareerZone has for students to gain opportunities to work or volunteer worldwide.  Volunteering or working abroad gives individuals exposure to new cultures and countries.  Engaging in employment and volunteer positions abroad enables one to gain a global perspective, which many employers are looking for in candidates. 
Throughout this blog post we will highlight Career Zones “Going Global” resource as well as opportunities to guide students through Internships, Work placements and Volunteer positions abroad.

Going Global
Going Global is a country-specific database resource directed to career and employment and tips for going abroad.  In summary it is a major search tool for finding worldwide jobs and internship listings.
The Going Global resource can be accessed through careerzone.brocku.ca (log in using your student information)
Career Zone Café will also be holding an upcoming workshop for a Going Global demonstration – if you are interested in learning more please register through the events page on careerzone.brocku.ca.  The session will be taking place on November 12th 2018 from 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm.

Internships Abroad
Internships are another opportunity for individuals to learn another language and experience a different culture at the same time gaining valuable work experience.  Learning about ones professional career from another country can be beneficial and set you apart from others in your job markets, as you have some unique experiences.  Below we have listed some resources, if you are looking for further information in regards of Internships Abroad visit careerzone.brocku.ca under the resources tab.
Internships Abroad Resources:
• www.brocku.ca/international-services/learn-work-abroad/internships
• http://internexworld.com
• https://www.goabroad.com/intern-abroad

Working Abroad
For employers, global perspective within a candidate is an attractive attribute.  Working Abroad gives individuals the opportunity to make connections with a variety of people as well as gain experience through travel and learning about other countries.  Working Abroad can provide you with skills that you can bring to a variety of positions.  CareerZone has a variety of resources to help with Job Search Abroad.  Not only is job search important when seeking employment Abroad it is also important to ensure you are applying with the appropriate application documentation. 
Working Abroad Resources:
• www.idealist.org/
• www.affutjob.com/
• www.asian-jobs.com/
• www.careersabroad.co.uk

Volunteer Abroad
In addition to work placements and internship programs various agencies run volunteer abroad placements.  Volunteering placements abroad give individuals the opportunity to make a difference in addition to experiencing a new culture and country.  Brock runs a variety of international volunteer programs as well as provides an abundance of resources for those interested in making a difference in a new country.

Volunteer Abroad Resources:
·       www.goabroad.com/volunteer-abroad/
·       www.projects-abroad.ca/
·       www.crossculturalsolutions.org/
·       www.gointernational.ca/

For more information about Working and Volunteering Abroad please visit careerzone.brocku.ca.  Next week International Week is taking place at Brock, International Week will run from November 12th 2018 – November 16th 2018.  Keep a lookout on the CareerZone event page for any events that week.  Our blog post for next week will highlight Studying Abroad opportunities.