Thursday, November 22, 2018

Canada Career Month: November 2018

Canada Career Month: November 2018

We only have over a month left of Canada Career Month! Isn't it crazy how fast November has gone?! Holidays are quickly approaching - and so are exams. This month, the Career Assistant team has had the opportunity to research and highlight many different careers, share some career tips with Brock students and feature some successful Brock alumni! 

Campus Career has teamed up with Goodman Career and Co-op Career to bring some fun and educational content about careers and how students can one day get them! Many people are unaware of the resources they have on campus that can help guide them to their end goals. They are also unaware of the number of possibilities that can come out of their university career. The Career, Co-op and Experiential Education team wants to help students get their career conversation started by educating them on the opportunities that they have right in front of them! Job hunting and preparing for a future career can be very scary and nerve-wracking but the team is here to help lessen the fears. 

Canada Career Month started off by featuring some alumni profiles of former Brock University students that have used their knowledge and experiences to get to their current positions. #CareerZoneTIPS were posted every day as quick, little facts about career-related topics. The second week of the month also featured International Week, where International alumni were highlighted and students explained how Goodman and/or Co-op has helped them excel internationally. This week, different career profiles have been featured to inform students of the many possibilities and how the team can help push them forward. In the final week of Canada Career Month, we encourage students to talk about why their experiences will benefit them in their journey to finding a career.

We hope you've enjoyed Canada Career Month so far and hope you'll stay tuned for more to come! For more information on the initiative, visit

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