Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Search is on for Summer Jobs!

The warm weather is quickly approaching and we're all getting ready for that dreadful search- the search for summer employment. Here at Career Services, we do our best to make your summer job search as effective and pain-free as possible. Here are a few tips: 

How to Find the Perfect Summer Job
The key to finding the perfect summer job is remembering that it might not currently exist. As important as it is to look for positions that align with your personal goals and passions, remember that gaining valuable experience comes in many different ways! Rather than looking strictly for a job within your field of study, focus on finding a position that interests you- even if it doesn't necessarily fit into your "perfect job" category. Many skills are transferable and can be used in various roles, so instead of asking yourself what type of job you want, ask yourself what kind of problems you would like to solve or what skills you'd like to gain. 

Where to Look
Go to Careerzone (careerzone.brocku.ca) to take a look at positions that are available on and off campus. Many on-campus summer jobs have the potential to extend into part-time positions in the school year.  Here are a few on-campus services that you could apply to this summer:
  • Brock Dining Services
  • Brock University Students' Union (B.U.S.U)  
  • Brock Human Resources
  • Recreation Services
  • Student Life and Community Experience
Off-campus jobs also have their benefits, here are some general job search sites that can help you land a position within the Niagara Region:
  • http://www.jobbank.gc.ca
  • http://www.jobgym.com
  • http://www.indeed.ca
  • http://www.wowjobs.ca
  • http://talentegg.ca 

When to Look
Don't wait, start now! One of the biggest misconceptions students have regarding summer job searching is that they have to wait until the summer to start. Many employers prefer to begin their hiring process months in advance. You can find summer job postings as early as January! Start your process now and make your chances of getting summer employment higher. 

How to Prepare 
Preparing for your job search can seem difficult at times. Drop by the Career Resource Centre or email us at Career@brocku.ca for interview tips and job search strategies to help you land a summer job that you enjoy!

Lydia Collins
Senior Career Assistant

Monday, February 22, 2016

Resume Reviews & Why You Should Get One!

Getting your resume reviewed is crucial in today's competitive job market. A second set of eyes never hurts and can also help with figuring out whether or not your resume is appropriate for the job you are applying for. However, many neglect this step in the resume editing process. Why? Because many of us don't have the time! Job hunting can take hours and writing personalized cover letters and tailoring your resume can be a job within itself! Luckily, most post secondary institutions (including Brock!!) offer review services to make sure your documents are looking good before you start applying to different positions. Here are THREE reasons you should utilize resume review services:

1. Subjectivity 
When we as individuals are working on and editing our resumes, we often times overlook obvious errors simply because we are being subjective. Perhaps we might even avoid being too hard on ourselves since the job market is hard enough sometimes! But this subjectivity can lead to missing things which could make or break the strength of an application! Spelling errors, typos and alignment are the three most common errors made when creating resumes. Getting a quick review can help prevent a small mistake from costing you the job of your dreams.

2. Content
Many of us have the standard categories in our resumes: Work Experience, Volunteer Experience & Education. However, there are many other categories which can be utilized! Getting your resume reviewed may open your eyes to new headings you can utilize to highlight your experiences! For example, having a "Special Skills" section is a great way to highlight language and technical skills. 

3. Opportunities
If you are working on your resume right now, chances are it is because you are looking for paid or volunteer opportunities. By getting your resume reviewed, you can not only ensure you are representing your skills and experiences in the best way possible, but you can also find out about opportunities through simply visiting a career centre! Our Career Assistant team at Brock is super knowledgeable about current and upcoming opportunities and we love helping students find that perfect position that suits their unique needs!

So what are you waiting for? Look up your nearest career resource centre and get your resume reviewed today! And for all Brock students, getting a resume review is MUCH easier than you think! Simply bring a hard copy of your resume (or cover letter or CV!) to the Career Resource Centre in the Learning Commons and we can review it in roughly 15-20 minutes! We are also FULL of information about job hunting, interviews, career events and much more! Check out our website by clicking HERE. Also, don't forget to follow us on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/brockcareerserv/
Twitter: twitter.com/BrockCareerServ
Instagram: www.instagram.com/brockcareerserv/?hl=en

Have a great day!

Scarlet Stark
Sr. Career Assistant
Psychology Major