Wednesday, April 26, 2023

This is not Goodbye, Just Farewell for Now!

 As we come to the end of another academic year, we want to extend our gratitude to members of our Senior Career Assistant team who are graduating and moving on to new opportunities. Thank you all for your hard work and contributions during your time spent. Good luck with all your new adventures! 


Angelina Shtramel 

(Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Conc. Accounting, 4th Year) 

My name is Angelina, and in the past two years I was lucky to be a part of the amazing team at CareerZone. As I am graduating this year with a degree in Business Administration, I want to reflect on the wonderful experience I had working as a Goodman Career Assistant and a Senior Goodman Career Assistant. 

One of the best rewards of this job is knowing that people genuinely find our services useful. Providing customer service to so many people has allowed me to feel that I am a part of a huge community. This job has also opened new job opportunities for me to explore in the HR field which I never considered before. The Career Assistant role has equipped me with essential experience and transferable skills, which I will carry with me as I am entering the professional field. 

I am grateful to all the amazing people in CareerZone for this journey and the great memories! I also wish the new team a wonderful time and an ongoing success in the future!