Thursday, September 27, 2018

Introducing the 2018-2019 CareerZone Team!


Welcome Back Badgers! CareerZone is back with new and returning Career Assistants that are excited to help you get your career conversation started! CareerZone is open Monday-Friday from 8:30AM - 4:30PM (Extended hours on Tuesdays until 6:30PM). Keep reading to see what the Career Assistants are most excited for this year and their favourite meme!


NAME: Akayla Olajos
ROLE: Lead Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Medical Sciences
Akayla is excited for another year at CareerZone, getting to know all the new staff and hopefully graduating!

NAME: Chelsey Masson
ROLE: Lead Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Psychology Co-op
Chelsey is excited to collaborate with more departments and facilities across campus!

NAME: Victoria Kaczmarczyk
ROLE: Lead Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Sociology with a minor in Psychology
Victoria is excited to work with all the new Career Assistants and the returning Senior Career Assistants. She is also looking forward to continuing her leadership role at CareerZone but also developing her mentorship skills through specialized projects through Campus Career! It’s going to be a great year!


NAME: Chloe Hall
ROLE: Senior Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Media and Communication Studies
Chloe is excited to work with our new team members, especially on projects!

NAME: Megan MacLennan
ROLE: Senior Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Labour Studies Co-op
Megan is looking forward to having more career conversations with students and working on new projects!

NAME: Spencer Markham
ROLE: Senior Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Sociology with a concentration in Criminology
Spencer is looking forward to continuing to help students with building their careers and networks, as well as having the opportunity to mentor the new incoming Career Assistants and taking on more of a leadership role. She is excited to work with the Co-op, Career and Experiential Education team and is hoping for a successful year!

NAME: Stephanie Alcé
ROLE: Senior Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Political Science and Labour Studies
Stephanie is excited to take on a leadership role and work on her project management and workshop skills!


NAME: Hana Markham
ROLE: Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Child and Youth Studies
Hana is excited about gaining more experience in this role and sharing that experience with the students that she will be helping this year!

NAME: Holly MacRae
ROLE: Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Applied Linguistics, Speech and Language Sciences
Holly is excited to get to know and meet more students and help them achieve their career/job goals.

NAME: Joceline Gaffan
ROLE: Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Child Health
Joceline is most excited to start her 2nd year of university and is also excited to help anybody that comes into CareerZone to use all of our great services!

NAME: Karina Atha
ROLE: Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Business Administration Co-op
Karina is excited for her co-op work term here at Career Education. She is also excited to travel a little this semester!


NAME: Niraj Dave
ROLE: Goodman Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Business Administration with a concentration in Finance
Niraj is excited for Avengers 4, All-day Breakfast at Tim Horton’s and MGMT 3P98 (International Business) with Professor Sheng Deng!

NAME: Vicky Wang
ROLE: Career Assistant
PROGRAM: Accounting
Vicky likes knowing that she is doing something important and interesting. She says that it is really rewarding to motivate others, as well as witnessing their self-improvement in achieving their potentials!


NAME: Kara Renaud
ROLE: Supervisor
Kara is looking forward to working with her new team and seeing them grow and develop!