Monday, March 6, 2017

5 Tips to Prepare for Interviews

There are plenty of ways you can prepare for an interview. Whether you have experience with interviews or are going into your first, you should always go through steps to prepare. Here are a few tips to follow while going into an interview:
1.   Rehearse Some Sample Questions!
There are some questions that are often asked in interviews. It’s good to rehearse your answers to these possible questions beforehand. For example, one of the most common questions asked is, “What are your strengths and weaknesses?”. Since this is such a common question and it’s about you directly, employers expect your best answer!
2.   Do Your Research!
A lot of companies look for employees who share their same values. Along with that, they like to make sure you fit in with the culture. By taking a few minutes to go over the company website you will generally be able to get an understanding of what they value. You’ll also get a sense of the culture as well; you can relate back to these values during the interview session.
3.   Prepare Questions to Ask.
Usually at the end of an interview the employer will ask if you have any questions for them. It’s good to prepare a couple quick questions. This gives the interviewer the sense that you are actually interested in the job. Along with that, it gives you the opportunity to learn a little more about the role/company.
4.   Dress Appropriately
While going into an interview, it’s always best to over dress rather than under dress. Professional business attire is always recommended when going to an interview. Also, bring some writing material with you. It’s always a good idea to bring a binder or a folder with paper and a pen.
5.   Read Over the Job Posting
Reading over the job posting gives you an idea of the kind of work you will be doing, the skills needed, and qualifications that are desired. This gives you the opportunity to think of situations from your past work experience when you have used these skills. Along with that, it may give you an idea of any situation questions the interviewer will ask. Lastly it prepares you to answer any questions based on your qualifications. If you don’t have a specific qualification, (i.e. Smart Serve,) you can simply mention you have plan on getting it.

For more information on interviews you can go to workshops tabs in the Online Resource Centre!
Image result for interviewThanks for Reading!

Daniel Moody
Career Assistant

Business Communication Major

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Reading Week Career Events!

Hey Badgers!

Reading Week is just around the corner, and I know many of you might be using this extra time to job hunt! As you know, we strive to provide students with events that will allow them to network, learn more about various companies, and gain meaningful employment - whether it be part-time, full-time, or just for the summer! Check out the list below of the career events happening in the area over Reading Week:

Reading Week Career Events (Posted on CareerZone too!)

  • 124 on Queen Hotel & Spa Job Fair - February 19th - 12pm - 4pm - 124 Queen Street - Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON
  • Morton's Grille Job Fair - February 21st & 22nd - 10am - 7pm - 5881 Dunn Street - Niagara Falls, ON
  • Niagara Parks Career Fair - February 25th - 10am - 2pm - 5881 Dunn Street - Niagara Falls, ON
 Other Career Events During Reading Week (Not Posted on CareerZone)
  • Lowe's Canada Regional Hiring Day - February 25th - 9am-4pm - All participating Lowe's stores
Keep in mind that our events do not stop beyond Reading Week! There are a TON of events happening as we move into March! The best way to not miss out is to login to CareerZone, click "Campus Career Events" and mark down anything you are interested in your own calendar!

Thanks for reading Badgers! Have an excellent Reading Week!

Scarlet Stark
Lead Career Assistant

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Is My 'Dream Career' In Demand?

One important aspect of ANY job search is to consider demand. Demand is often times overlooked, leading to frustration when it comes time to job search! For example, you may be very passionate about History and, because of this, have decided to major in History. You may also have a very clear career goal of becoming a Museum Curator once your degree is completed. All of this is great - BUT, I would urge any student to consider the demand for your 'dream career' or 'dream job.

Investigating career demand is an important aspect of any career exploration process because it is beneficial to know the outlook for specific sectors. It can also assist with making choices about the next steps you might need to take to land your dream job, like graduate school or additional professional development. For example, if being a Museum Curator requires graduate school but the demand for Museum Curators has dropped in recent years, it might not be a worthwhile investment in the end if you can not find employment in your desired field. However, it might be worthwhile if the demand has increased for Museum Curators and many jobs are available within this sector. As you can see from this example, doing some research regarding the sector you wish to work in can help you make informed career decisions, all the while helping you determine your next steps!

If you are looking to determine whether or not the job or career you wish to get into is in demand, career exploration is a must! Check out the Government of Canada - Labour Market Information website.This site utilizes NOC codes (codes associated with specific job titles within specific sectors) to organize the projected career outlooks for a wide array of areas of interest! If you are looking for work within Canada specifically, this would be the site to consult in terms of finding out the demand! Click HERE to find out the projected outlook for your dream job!

In addition, Career Cruising, available FREE to Brock students via CareerZone, allows students to easily look up the NOC code associated with the occupation of interest!

Thanks for reading!

Scarlet Stark
Lead Career Assistant
Psychology Major

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I'm Graduating Soon... What Now?

Fall Convocation at Brock is quickly approaching (only 5 more days!) and I wanted to firstly congratulate ALL new graduates on finishing your post-secondary journey! If your silently wondering "What the heck do I do now?" do not worry! It is quite normal to feel this way! Just know that Career Services can help in a variety of ways!

For starters, you are not denied our online or in person services once you graduate! If you find your student login no longer works after awhile, all you have to do is create an alumni account and you will again have access to all of our online resources. In addition, you can drop in and visit us in person, no appointment necessary!

This brings me to my second point: PLEASE check the events tab on CareerZone if you are actively job searching. Next week alone we have TD, the Ontario Internship Program, and the YMCA on campus, all of which are looking to recruit! Some events require registration which is why I would highly recommend new graduates to check out the events on CareerZone at least once a week to stay in the loop!

Lastly, do not be hard on yourself if you do not find a job right after graduation! This is the case for many graduates! The key is to try your best, remain active and diligent in your job search and always seek out feedback when in doubt! We offer resume and cover letter reviews to help you with the feedback part and can even assist with portfolio creation and LinkedIn profile creation as well! We also have some great interview resources so you can nail that first impression and answer any interview questions with ease and confidence!

Congratulations again new grads!

Scarlet Stark
Lead Career Assistant 

Friday, September 30, 2016


Have you dreamed about getting involved either on campus or in the community?
To experience Brock in the best way possible, go through ExperienceBU!

ExperienceBU is an online site for Brock students. On the page you can learn about clubs at Brock, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, you can locate the campus wide co-curriculum (CWC) here!

As a third year student, I can say that getting involved at Brock has been the highlight of my experience in University. Through an on-campus job with Career Services, Involvement with various clubs, and representing Brock University at various conferences I have had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the Brock community.


Through my involvement I met some amazing people who have now become close friends, I've gained valuable skills and experiences, and had a lot of FUN! I could not imagine what my university experience would have been like without getting involved.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, I have also had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and gain valuable connections that will benefit me once I begin applying for full-time jobs.

When you do decide to get involved, you can track your experiences on two different locations: Experience Plus and ExperienceBU.

Experience Plus is located on the student portal under student self serve menu – Career Services. This is where you will track your volunteer hours, on-campus jobs, and any professional development.

ExperienceBU located at, allows you to locate involvement opportunities and track them through the campus wide co-curriculum (CWC).

Did you know?

At every 20% interval of completion of the CWC, you are eligible to be entered into win amazing prizes!! Just another reason why getting involved is so beneficial.

At the end of the day, the resources and opportunities are available for you to get involved, it’s up to YOU to take the initiative to look into these opportunities. For further questions or resources about getting involved, drop by the CareerZONE and speak to one of our Career Assistants who would be glad to help you!

Sean Pereira
Sr. Career Assistant

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Meet the Staff!

Resource Coordinator and Faculty Liaison
Kara has devoted her life’s work to supporting the career development needs of students in higher education.  As Resource Coordinator and Faculty Liaison with Career Services at Brock University, Kara provides career coaching and facilitates support services to help students explore career possibilities, identify skills, and find meaningful work.  Kara is also a part-time student in the Masters of Education program at Brock University.  Outside of work, Kara loves spending time with her family and friends, playing competitive music trivia, and is a lover of food and wine.

Lead Career Assistant 
Scarlet is in her last year of the Psychology program here at Brock! She is also a Research Assistant in within the Psychology department, and a Lead Career Assistant for Career Services! Scarlet looks forward to having a fabulous final year at Brock and hopes to see some new and familiar faces in Careerzone. 

Lead Career Assistant 
Tyler is a Lead Career Assistant in CareerZone. He is also the President of the Psychology Society (club was able to increase the membership by 76% in 48 hours.) He also plays a variety of music which has led him to travel internationally both teaching and performing. He hopes all of the Badgers have a great year!

Senior Career Assistant 
Goofy with a love for cats, Lydia is a fourth year English, Language and Literature student with a passion for writing and social issues. This is her second year working in Career Services! She is very involved on campus, and enjoys assisting in personal development and watching people achieve their goals.

Senior Career Assistant 
Sean is a third year Accounting student with a minor in Applied Computing. This will be his second year with Career Services. In his spare time, you can find him getting involved with The Goodman School of Business, dancing, and watching Netflix. Sean is so excited to meet new faces at Brock!

Senior Career Assistant 
André is a third year Business Administration student at Brock. He is a Senior Career Assistant and Mentorship Plus Assistant. This year, André is excited about the opportunity to spread his knowledge of Brock with new students and help people find jobs. 

Career Assistant 
Chelsey is in her second year of the Honours Psychology program (Co-op.) She is excited to work at CareerZone this year so that she can help students find their passion and incorporate it into a career!

Career Assistant 
Daniel is a second year Kinesiology student with a love for sports, exercise, nutrition and politics. He looks forward to working with a good team and helping other students find jobs!

Career Assistant 
Akayla is currently in her second year at Brock, in the Biomedical Science program. She is a member of the Brock Leader's Citizenship Society and has been involved with many on campus initiatives. A few of her personal interests include traveling, volunteering, and trying new things! Akayla is very excited to work at Career Services because she gets to be in a team environment and help other students succeed!

Career Assistant
Julia is a 4th year Labour Studies major who is passionate about her program. She is a friendly green tea lover who enjoys being adventurous and trying new things. There are so many great reasons why she is excited to join the Career Services team. Most importantly, as a Career Assistant she is able to help students achieve their goals!

Career Assistant 
Victoria is in her second year at Brock in a combined Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Sociology. She enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and anything that is Game of Thrones related. Victoria is excited to have the opportunity to assist other students in preparation for their futures! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Welcome Back Badgers!

Welcome Back Badgers!

The 2016/2017 school year has officially begun! Now that Frosh Week is over, it's time to get down to business!

Although we try our BEST to market our services through social media and word of mouth, I thought starting the year with a short blog outlining how we can help you make this your best year yet might be beneficial for both new & returning students!

To start, we offer review services for resumes, cover letters, letters of intent, portfolios and LinkedIn profiles. We also offer interview tips & tricks! If you are wondering how to find a job on campus or off campus or are interested in volunteering, head to and check out our job board! In addition, we have an "Events" tab via CareerZone tab with some exciting upcoming job/volunteer fairs! And for those students who are maybe wondering "What can I do with my degree?!", come see us to pick up a degree exploration guide!

Can't make it in to see us? No worries! Visit our online resource centre at!

We hope to see you in the centre soon!

Scarlet Stark
Lead Career Assistant
4th Year Psychology Major

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

4 Tips for Social Media in Job Search

Some may beg to differ, but social media is great. It's prominent in this generation and allows us to connect with friends, family members, and other individuals all around the world. There are plenty of benefits to having these outlet and if used properly, social media can be incredibly useful for job searching. Here are 4 tips to enhance and protect your online presence:

1) Have "The Talk" With Your Friends
I get it. You've had some crazy nights out and maybe you didn't realize that your friends were documenting your shenanigans. You take a look online the morning after and see you're tagged in 8 different posts. You figure that employers won't see, so you assume it won't matter, right? WRONG. Don't let it slide. Any pictures online that were not uploaded by you CAN be deleted. Kindly ask your friend to remove the picture, untag yourself, or report the content if needed. Employers spend a lot of time online looking up current or future employees, don't jeopardize possible opportunities.

2) Keep it Consistent
There are so many social media platforms, and the number seems to only be going up. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more, it's easy to keep each channel different. Instead, try to keep it as consistent as possible. From your profile picture, to the actual content you share. This will give employers a general idea of your background, interests and values.

Never, I repeat, NEVER, bash employers,coworkers or organizations on social media. Even if you no longer work there or with that person, posting disrespectful or threatening messages about an individual or company could land you in a lot of trouble.

4) Put the Effort in
Up-keeping your social media channels takes time, and that's okay. It's taken me a year to get to "All-star" on LinkedIn, and I'm still constantly updating it in order to improve my online presence. This is important to do on all of your platforms. Dedicate some time to look through pictures or posts you're tagged in or have uploaded, and decide what is appropriate to keep and what can be deleted. Have a social media clean up. That includes getting rid of friends or followers that might need to go. Take the time and put the effort in to market yourself as best as you can to possible employers.

Lydia Collins
Senior Career Assistant 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Let's Talk About Achievement Statements

The dreaded achievement statement; it can take hours to perfect but only 3 seconds for an employer to read. Trust me when I say I know how annoying it can be to formulate one of these things, but it will certainly be worth it in the end. This post will show you step-by-step how to put together one of these statements in the simplest way. 

To make this process easier to understand, I'm going to break it down using the C.A.R method. This stands for Challenge, Action and Result. These three components are vital to the success of your achievement statement. 

Step 1: Challenge and Action
In an achievement statement, the challenge and action go hand-in-hand. This is how you will describe what you did in a role. For example "Assist students by working with them one-on-one and reviewing their professional documents." This gives  the employer a sense of what you did, and the steps you took to do it. 

Step 2: Result 
This part is most commonly left out, and I can understand why. For most of us-especially young students who have had unpleasant job experiences- we don't look too much into the overall bigger picture of our contributions in a role, because we simply just did what we were told. Many people tend to only list the action and fail to include the challenge and result. For example "cleaned floors, served food, etc." It's important to include the result so that the employer is clear on which skills you've  gained and what came out of the work that you put in. A great way to include the result is by following the challenge and action with "in order to..." An example of a result would be "in order to increase their chances of obtaining employment." 

Step 3: Finished Product
Now that you've completed those steps, simply put it all together: 

"Assists students by reviewing their professional documents in order to increase their chances of obtaining employment."

It can seem overwhelming at first, but once you start it will get easier to do. Follow these steps and become an achievement statement writing pro! 

Lydia Collins
Senior Career Assistant 

Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Been Real...but What's Next?

We have officially kicked off Spring Convocation week, Badgers! Congratulations to all who will be walking across that stage and entering a new chapter in their life. You've spent four years or so working towards getting into the field you love. Now that it's over, where do you go from here? Whether you are going on to pursue further education, travel the world, or go directly into your career, we want to help! 

Transitioning from university can be nerve-racking, overwhelming and stressful, but mostly, it should be exciting! The hard work you put in has paid off, so start with being proud of yourself. 

Although you may no longer be an undergraduate at Brock, you'll always be a Badger, and with being a Badger comes benefits. We value our alumni and want to ensure that you are provided with the necessary tools and resources to make the most of your degree. Our services are indeed still open to you and we are happy to assist with your next steps. As a New Graduate, some reasons you should stop by the Resource Centre are: 

  • Get Your Professional Documents Reviewed. You now have the skills and abilities to do the job, but making sure that you can showcase it in the best way possible on your resume, CV or cover letter will be a big factor in determining whether or not you land the position. 
  • Pick Up a DEG. Degree exploration is something you'll do now more than ever. Come grab a Degree Exploration Guide for your program to look at possible career options and professional associations you could join!
  • Look Through our Going Abroad Resources. If travelling is something you are itching to do now that your undergraduate experience has come to an end, then be sure to look at our Going Abroad resources! Whether you want to teach in Korea or volunteer in Spain, we can help you figure out how to work your way around the world!
  • Careerzone. One thing you won't have to leave behind as a New Graduate, is Careerzone. This Brock exclusive job posting portal is still accessible to you, as long as you remember to set up your alumni account! Check it out for workshops and other resources as well.
Just because you are no longer enrolled as a Brock undergraduate, you are still part of the Brock community, and we are always happy to help. For those of you who are not local and are still interested in using our services, email us at, or message us directly on our Online Chat, accessible through the career services website. 

Time to take the next step into your future!

Lydia Collins
Senior Career Assistant