Friday, September 25, 2020

CareerZone Services - What are we About?


CareerZone Services – What are we About?

This blog post will highlight the services we provide Brock University students at all levels and stages in their career journey. Students will be able to access many of our resources through the CareerZone portal at, using their Brock student credentials.


1.       Document Review

In CareerZone, we urge students to get their resume and cover letter reviewed, in order to stand out to employers. This is important because having an updated document shows quality and regularly reviewing your documents makes you become more proactive. Need help? Our Career Assistants can help guide you through the document review process. Simply, email us a Word version of your resume and cover letter to

2.       Experience More

On our website students can learn more about getting involved and explore useful resources that help build professional and employability skills. These may include job search, graduate opportunities, volunteer opportunities, experiential learning, going abroad and more. We also offer an assortment of career assessments like Career Cruising and ColourCode to help individuals identify their interests and personality, to help with career exploration. Platforms such as Interview Stream, can also be found on our portal and aid students to practice their responses to interview questions, while building their confidence. Thirdly, students can book appointments with our Talent Development Specialist for in-depth consultations regarding job search strategies, mock interviews and more.

3.       Workshops and Events

Students can check out the events page to view upcoming workshops, webinars and events. Attending these workshops and employer events are a great way for students to gain new knowledge about a particular field and even build and expand their network. Partaking in these events will also help students to better manage and maximize their Brock experience by learning to apply the skills they have acquired.


Connect with us Virtually this Year!

Join our Career Assistants for our live drop-in sessions on Microsoft Teams, to ask brief questions you may have pertaining to our services and resources.

 Our Career Assistants host workshops on a variety of topics that help to develop and strengthen student’s personal development. Some topics include part-time job search, resume writing, interview Prep and more!


 Unable to join us for live drop-ins? No worries, students can get access to our online chat at for common inquiries.



For in-depth consultations, students can connect with us through email at for questions regarding resume & cover letter review, job search help, career exploration, interview preparation and more.



Follow us on our social media to stay up to date with all our upcoming events and contests!

Twitter: @BrockCareerZone

Instagram: @brockcareerzone


Written by: Yaa Asare

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