Friday, July 8, 2011

Who's Creeping Your Facebook?

The results are in. The most popular answer to our survey concerning your most addictive social media tool was Facebook. Surprise, surprise.

Regardless of the social media you prefer to use, there are rules and regulations that have to be followed, especially if you are building your online reputation. Facebook is no exception. Unfortunately, some people just don’t understand the permanent nature of the internet. Being careless on Facebook can cost you your job - and you do not want to be that person.

It is no secret that employers use Facebook to research applicants for positions. Vanessa Holmes, the Communication and Talent Coordinator for Innomar Strategies says, “Facebook is no longer just a means of keeping in touchIf an employer wants to research you, the first site they will probably go to is Facebook.” So if you have an account, it is vitally important that your profile is professional and not full of content that would make your grandmother blush. Ensure that you are proactive in removing any questionable pictures or comments made not only by you, but your friends as well.

When commenting on others profiles, keep it positive. Facebook is not a forum for ranting or spreading gossip. If you don’t have something positive to say, don’t say anything at all. Your brand should show that you are engaged in your surroundings. No one wants to be friends with Debbie Downer.

Use your privacy settings! If you feel your profile is a little too personal, start from scratch and make a professional account that is visible to everyone. Vanessa says, “If you are cognoscente of your behavior and take the time to control your privacy, it shows that you care about how the world perceives you and securing your identity.”

Facebook is also a great tool for finding old connections. People don’t like creepers, but if you genuinely know someone who could help you find a job, why not reconnect? Search for networking events to attend and keep on top of companies posting positions through the site.

P.S Did you know that Jack McIsaac has Facebook? I can’t think of a better first “friend” to have on your new professional page. Jack regularly updates with career information, events on campus and job postings from our board.
You can also read more about Facebook on Vanessa’s blog “Facebook Etiquette 101.” It’s definitely something to “like.”

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