Thursday, July 7, 2011

How Loud is Your Tweet?

Welcome to Generation Y, where the early bird still gets the worm or, tweeters get the latest gossip, news and deals. Let’s face it, our world is kickin’ it into high gear and we’re not slowing down any time soon. Twitter delivers the press hot and fresh by the second in a painless 140 characters or less. Days of the tin can and string are over folks. It’s time to join the 21st century or be left behind.

A lot of people are staying faithful to Facebook because they don’t understand Twitter. I finally made the shift in March and I love it. It takes about a week to get into but once you follow friends, celebs, companies etc and they follow back you’re set!

Just like any presence online, you should maintain a professional image. I would even encourage you to set a theme to your tweets to attract specific people to you. For example, if you are looking for a job involving sports, add athletic associations, clubs, athletes etc to stay in the loop and have your name noticed in the world of sports.

Your twitter username is important because it will be used any time someone wants to mention you or retweet one of your many interesting posts. If you use your real name be professional! Don’t taint your name by tweeting personal matters or being insensitive about world issues. Remember, once something is online it’s there for good. Even if you delete it, who knows how many people already saw it and re-posted elsewhere. Practicing social media etiquette will not only make you a professional avatar, it will also reflect on your personal presence.

Know that you can be as involved in Twitter as you like. Add photos, videos, your current GPS location and hashtag trends on your tweets. The more #swag your tweets have, the more likely it is for them to show up in searches and be viewed by others.

If you’ve only made a Twitter account to keep up with celebs and gossip I’d suggest you make your profile private – protect your tweets. Once that option is checked, your future tweets will not be available to the general public.

If you’re still snuggled in your little egg, hatch already and tweet your heart out! Check out this guidebook if the thought of Twitter has birdies and stars circling your head. AND we have this cool book in the Resource Centre!!! Why I like it: 1. Covers the basics of Twitter, 2. Networking and your brand 3. Job search with Twitter 15 minutes a day. Follow @JackMcIsaac for updates on events, job postings, cool articles and more :D

P.S a social media tip: Tweet after 5pm or during lunch hour to have the most views.

Samantha Del Duca

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