Monday, July 18, 2011

Pack Your Bags!

For those of you who are itching for a change of scenery, want to indulge in new cultures, gain new skills and find adventure outside the corporate world it may be time to consider going abroad!

Going abroad will not only provide amazing photographs and memories to last a lifetime; the experience will introduce new skills, cultures and basic things liiiiike responsibility.
Also, having international experience can help in your ultimate job search once you return to home…if you return home!

There’s an entire world for you to discover and you’re just sitting here at your computer staring at your tropical screensaver. Decide why you want to go abroad and what you’d expect from it. There are generally 3 types of people: culture seekers, partiers and shopaholics.

Cruise the Greek islands, dance till dawn in Barcelona and eat your heart out in Italy; or be an archeologist and do excavations in Peru, help with animal conservation in Thailand and get your hands dirty building homes in Jamaica. There’s something for everyone out there. Yes, you can do all of these things at home – but where’s the culture? Where’s the adventure? By working, volunteering, interning or just plain travelling abroad you are providing to a community and receiving a wealth of experience unlike any other at home.

So if you’ve caught the travel bug – whether it’s within your province, country or abroad – get on board and be proactive! This week the blog will discuss things to consider before your trip and provide resources to help you get there.

Hasta la vista!
Samantha Del Duca


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