Monday, July 11, 2011

Dress to Impress

This week I’m going to break down the interview process. Keep in mind there’s hundreds of extra tid bits to consider within the topic so don’t be shy and ask questions!
What better way to start than picking out your snazzy outfit for the interview. This way, you can go on multiple shopping trips between reading my posts ;)

In this vlog, Rachel and I point out the basic do’s and don’ts of dressing for an interview.

So, before you step out the door to make your way to the interview do a quick check for the following:

- Pretend you’re going to church – no bare shoulders and no knees. If you’re unsure about your skirt or top go with the standard dress pants & blouse
- Polish off your outfit with a blazer or cardigan
- Don’t overpower your outfit with rainbow nail polish, facial piercings, bedazzled jewelry or dark makeup – you want the employer to see you, not your accessories
- Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in with confidence

- Wear black socks with a dark outfit/shoes. No ankle socks & never white socks.
- A long-sleeve dress shirt & matching tie are key. You’re not Dwight Schrute – that means no short-sleeve shirts. Except for your white undershirt of course.
- Wear your suit jacket to the interview. If it’s too hot you can remove it once inside.
- No jewelry unless it’s a wedding band or metal watch.

If you're well prepared for the interview there's no reason to be nervous - which means you shouldn't be sweating buckets. Just in case...don't forget to wear deodorant. As for perfume - please don’t smell like the factory, it will overpower your appearance.

Lastly, colours make a statement. Depending on what field you're in you can "get away with" wearing certain colours. For example, business people will most likely stay within the neutral zone whereas artists are encouraged to wear colours and patterns. Read about the impressions these colours make and take some tips from the pros.

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to cut the tags off!
Samantha Del Duca

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