Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Type Focus: Personality Assessment

Since Gr.13 has been cut from the curriculum in Canada students have been pushed into higher education without realizing what they actually want to do, what they’re interested in or the possibilities available to them. We’ve just listened to our academic advisors who are really only trying to fill a quota – so helpful.

Whether you’re just entering secondary education, climbing your way out or have finally graduated and are thinking ‘now what?’ a self assessment can do wonders for you. Most schools introduce career cruising to their students in Grade 10, but I have a new one for you today: Type Focus.

Type Focus provides a survey of questions that will overall help to clarify your interests, values and skills. Furthermore, it allows you to develop goals and make more effective decisions concerning your future whether it involves academics or a career.

After completing a personality questionnaire of 66 questions that look like this:

Choose the word or phrase that you find more attractive
matters of the heart
matters of the head

you will receive a 4-letter assessment. Mine is ENTP; that stands for Extrovert, iNtuition, Thinking, Perceptive. I am given a group of keywords that describe me followed by a general description which is freakishly spot-on, and an idea of careers/education that would suit my type. There are 16 personality types made up from a combination of: introversion, extroversion, sensing, thinking, judging, intuition, perceiving, and feeling.

The assessment is a great tool to use to clarify why you’re interested in certain topics and helps you understand the next steps you should take towards your future. It only takes 10minutes, and if you’d like you can progress deeper into the assessment to complete a full portfolio. Go ahead and try Type Focus with your Brock ID here.


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