Friday, July 29, 2011

Career Exploration: Matchmaker

Ah the infamous Career Cruising assessment. Remember when your high-school teacher forced you to complete a Matchmaker assessment and you got results like zoo keeper and race car driver? It could be because you were 14 years old, not taking it seriously and/or had no idea what you were actually interested in or skilled at yet. Now that your brain has developed, this career exploration tool can be very helpful to guide you through your career planning process.

Why I like Career Cruising:

  • You can skip the assessment and search specific job titles
  • Provides valuable information like job description, working conditions, earnings, sample career path, related careers and the education required to get there.
    • The career path is my favourite because it displays what you can expect to develop into after a given number of years as a professional in the industry.
  • Ranks careers best for you based on your likes/dislikes and skills
    • Just a tip: avoid clicking the yellow square that says "doesn't matter" to receive more accurate results.
  • Save multiple assessments and compare results.
    • My results changed a bit between 1st and 3rd year and from then on it's been the same - shows that I've been focused on a specific goal.
  • Also provides an education/employment search engine
  • It's Canadian!
  • It only takes 15 minutes

It's a great tool for everyone to use, no matter how old you are or how far you're into your degree/profession. It can provide insight and become a starting point for job search or maybe it will confirm your plans! Use your Brock ID to log into Career Cruising here.

Gr.10 Chimney Sweeper,

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