Friday, August 19, 2011

Trendy Careers

I usually recommend students to always have a back-up plan to their dream job. At least one of your career paths should be strategically chosen. What I mean by that is to question the reliability of that career. What is its future potential? Are people in that field in high-demand or is the job being replaced with machines or combined into other positions? Is it something new to the workforce and has a promising rate of development?

Career trends are important to keep up with, and it's proven to be very beneficial during one's job search process - especially in today's economy. Resources that our Career Assistants rely on for trends and labour market information are listed below. We keep a hard-copy record of the current, previous and future career outlooks (which you're also welcome to flip through) in the Resource Centre.

Canada's Top 100
Niagara Workforce Board
Fast Company
Working in Canada
Ontario - Labour Market Information
Human Resources & Skills Development Canada

Remember: Trends and Labour Market information are two different things.

*Trend n.
Jobs that are currently popular or progressing with a promising outlook.

*Labour Market n.
Job positions that are in high demand by employers and desirable by workers thus creating competition between applicants.

So, while you're deciding what to do with your degree remember to think outside the box and consider opportunities that may not exist for another 5 years. By being aware of future outlooks in the job market you will be better prepared for your ultimate job search.

- Samantha


  1. "Consider opportunities that may not exist for another 5 years."- This is absolutely correct. While it is practical to choose a course currently in trend, something could happen within your 4 years of stay in college that changes the demand. It is still better to choose a course that you really want to take and look for an opportunity that relates to you in the future.

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