Monday, August 29, 2011

There's No I in Team

It’s training week at Career Services! Our new Career Assistants will undergo an intensive training program which the Sr.CA’s have developed over the summer months to prepare them for all the questions Brock students have for us! It’s a huge learning curve for the newbies but it’s one of the greatest experiences they’ll have during their time at Brock. We’ve found that one of the best ways to have a power team is to create a supportive, friendly and fun work environment. Although our training encourages our staff to focus on themselves, it also involves a great amount of team bonding.

Being able to work in a team setting is a great attribute to have when applying to a new job. Knowing you can rely on your team mates for support is a load off your shoulders and they’ll definitely appreciate your effort too. Usually there's going to be that one person you see the most at work and you'll become best buds. Try not to stick yourself into a single group of people and instead expand your network, don't be the office snub.

If you're just shy try your best to put yourself out there. The more practice you have networking now the better. By getting involved in projects, meetings and outings you'll feel more comfortable with your team and be ready to jump right in when you start your career! Being outgoing and curious always gives a good impression.

The CS team will be learning every last detail about our resources this week. It's a ton of information to swallow and they're doing it for you! The office will reopen September 6th and we'll be at O-Week! Until then, you can forward any questions/comments to Jack McIsaac on facebook and twitter.

- Samantha

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