Wednesday, August 3, 2011

8 Reasons to go to College

Upon graduating high-school, the decision of your next chapter in life can be overwhelming. I always thought, ‘how can these people possibly expect me to make a life decision right now when they haven’t even prepared me?’ I wasn’t told anything about post-secondary school. I hunted answers through Google and went with my gut which grumbled university over and over. Our parent’s generation has always put emphasis on university being better than college but that’s not the case anymore, and we’re the ones who get to prove it to them.


-         Provides specific programs
o       If you know your passion and the job does not require a degree then college is for you. Why go to university if you don’t have to? Research with Career Cruising and discover the type of education your desired career requires.
-         Trains students with hands-on learning experiences for jobs
that are non-academic based
o       Co-op or internship opportunities are often offered within college curriculums
o       College students are better prepared for the work world because while they received practice in their field, university students had their noses in books.
-         Easy transition from high-school
o       Class sizes are small and you’re given homework on a regular basis whereas university classes can be up to 100 students and your grade can be solely based on 3 essays and 1 exam.
-         Degree/Diploma combination
o       Colleges and universities are realizing students want an interactive education but also desire obtaining a BA. Institutions are beginning to offer both a diploma & degree upon graduation.
-         Joint Program
o       Some universities & colleges have joined to create fast-track programs for their students. Brock and Niagara have already done so with Policing & Criminal Justice; it’s a hit!
-         Length of time varies
o       Depending on the program, your college experience could be 2-4 years
-         Accepted with a lower GPA.
o       If you had your heart set on university but didn’t have the marks there are opportunities for you to begin your post-secondary education in college and then transfer to university.
-         It can be less expensive than university
o       Don’t base your future entirely on the price tag of your education. Join The Starving Student Club and apply for a loan if you have to.

To find the program that’s right for you, explore Ontario Colleges and compare school/program details. Information on schools within and beyond Ontario can be found with School Finder. I hope this helps to make your decision less gut-wrenching and wish you all the best in your future endeavors!


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