Thursday, August 4, 2011

Destined for Higher Education

Ok, so you’ve conquered your undergrad, maybe you’ve even done some post-grad, and now you’re thinking Hmmm.. a Master’s couldn’t hurt. Consider the reasons you want an MA. Is it absolutely required for your career? Is it because you ‘can’t find a job’? Or do you think you’ll make more money if you have a higher education? There are arguments that a BA is “worthless” ever since the recession hit us – which isn’t true one bit. It was actually part of a speech at my convocation… a bit awkward as I held my crisp $20G degree like a baby in my hands but I guess it was supposed to be encouraging?

The truth is a Master’s degree is for people who either 1) require an MA to pursue their career or 2) are devoted to being a lifetime student. First, you need to understand why you want further education and the benefits you will receive upon completion. An MA can benefit those in the health, business or engineering field because it will provide a deeper level of understanding in relevant job skills. On the other hand, social science or humanities fields may continue their education as an opportunity to develop in general but it won’t necessarily provide them with further training. Be sure that a Masters is worth your time and money.

If you’re only continuing your education because you haven’t found a job, reconsider. Use the money you’d spend on school for brain-food and start networking. Research if your career requires a Master’s degree and continue from there. Career Services has created documents to assist you through the planning process of grad school, you can find them here along with a list of graduate programs available at Brock University.

Hats off to you!

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