Monday, August 15, 2011

Major Opportunities

“Ohhhh you’re an art major… So what’re you gonna do with that?”

It was people's automatic reflex similar to word vomit every time I answered the infamous introduction question “what do you go to school for?”

Everyone seemed to thrive off the deer-in-headlights look and delayed answer ‘I dunno… I just like art’ but never really expected me to one day reply with ‘well, I’m designing a video game, animating 3D shorts and sometimes I draw naked people but the labour market looks promising in advertising.’

I always had a general idea of what my degree could do for me, but I had never really researched the opportunities available to me – until I was introduced to my DEG.

My DEG informed me of all the latest career opportunities for people with my degree and more: skills I develop as a student of this degree, business & employer directories, job search resources, professional associations and where to find further education and internship opportunities. My DEG provided me with a wealth of information; I just had to decide what to do with it next.

I admit, I used my DEG to rule out options but when it came to a close tie I took the information I had to Career Cruising for yet another interest assessment and took advantage of the whole thing.

You might be thinking who is this DEG and where can I get my hands on them? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around. Career Services has a DEG for everyone in any major at Brock University. They’re actually lined up against the wall waiting for you to pick them off and take them home!

Reasons you should take a DEG home with you
(for more than one night) - You are:
  • Not sure what jobs you can get with your degree
  • Switching majors
  • Looking for resources to find a job or further education
  • Proving to your parents that your degree is just as good as theirs

A DEG is like the swiss-army knife to your career path; it will help you explore what your degree has to offer so when someone asks “what are you gonna do with that?” you can say “lots of things!”

Find your DEG online or in the Career Resource Centre and realize the potential of your degree!

the DEG wall at Career Services
DEG n.
1. abbreviation for Degree Exploration Guide.
2. A career resource document created by Career Services and academic advisors at Brock University to provide students with examples of career opportunities and skills developed according to their major.

- Samantha

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