Thursday, August 18, 2011

Career Zone

The Job Board has been updated!

Career Services, in association with the BCDO and Brock Co-op offices, have been working to update the job board (now called Career Zone) with Orbis Career. The system can be accessed through this link and you must sign in with your Brock ID. This ensures that the postings are secure and exclusive to the Brock community.

The system will recognize your student account and provide the most relevant job postings to you. So, if you are a part-time student & are not eligible for Experience Works positions, they will not show up on your screen. If you are a co-op or business student, additional postings provided by the BCDO and Co-op offices will also be visible to you. CareerZone is customized for you so you don’t have to sift through irrelevant postings.

Another cool feature in CareerZone is a calendar of our events throughout the year which will include workshop schedules and employer showcases.

Quick Tip:

Once you log on with your student ID you will be navigated to your dashboard. To search for work, click Job Postings and the most recent submissions will be on the home screen. To do an advanced search from here click Search Job Postings. You can save your searches for quick access later as well as your resumes! It’s pretty easy.

*Note to Alumni*
We’re here to help you transition from the academic world into your career. CareerZone is available to you in the same manner as current students...minus the co-op opportunities. So keep your eyes open for employer showcases and job fair events on the calendar too!

*Note to Employers*
If you are interested in posting a position on CareerZone you must complete a one-time registration form in order to post. Once you have received a username and password you may post as many positions as you’d like.

*Note to Faculty & Staff*
If you’d like to post any positions to the job board please complete your account registration and use the username & password provided to log in. Once you have an account you can post as many positions as you’d like, get access to our workshops and online resources.

*Note to Community Members*
Once you have registered, you may post jobs for babysitters, tutors, yard workers etc. to be listed under our Casual Job Board. 


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