Thursday, March 21, 2013

Under Pressure @ Work? 6 Steps to De-Stress!

Whether you're working full-time, part-time, for the summer time, you name it - working can be very stressful! When it's your full-time job it can consume you, when it's your part-time job it's difficult because you're balancing school and work at times, and when it's the summer you're itching to get outside in the sun. But whatever the reason, I am going to provide you some tips for how to remain healthy and on track while you do whatever, wherever making a living.

1. Stay away from office gossip.
First and foremost, if you can keep away from the water cooler and whatever is said in that vicinity, you're doing a great justice to yourself and the person being gossiped about. By partaking, you are breeding negativity - you may begin thinking, "what happens when I am not around?" increasing paranoia and discomfort at work. It’s a time waster, and it restricts your ability to cultivate healthy work relationships which are a stress reducer too!

2. Cultivate healthy work relationships.
Knowing you have people who will smile at you and talk to you at work is a great encourager for coming to work everyday! Making friends increases the chances of being happier more often in the workplace, and feeling a sense of belonging. Be careful, however, not to make friends who will then distract you or get you into trouble at work, as this will result in the reverse.

3. Recharge with physical activity.
Although this is time consuming and often difficult to fit into your day, finding time to exercise each day not only reduces stress but it also increases productivity everyday! Get your work friends to the gym with you on lunch or before/after work 3 times a week and you'll surely notice the difference!

*This is key to the Career Services team, btw!

4. Keep things interesting - change it up!
Sometimes this can be difficult when your job requires the same thing everyday, but find little ways of changing it up. Work at an office job? Grab yourself one of those day calendars with a different quote each day to inspire you! Working on a few tasks? Instead of doing one after the other, interchange activities to facilitate creativity and so as not to lose interest.

5. Do a time management check - make a to-do list!
With so many things going on at work it's important to remind yourself how to keep organized and prioritize tasks effectively. Creating a to do list (or multiple!) will help this cause because you can keep track of what you've done and what you still have to do without the stress of forgetting. And oh boy is it ever a nice little therapy session when you can cross completed tasks off...

6. Listen to relaxing music
If you can do this at work, great, but if not play it on your trip to and from, as well as on lunch. More importantly, play music without lyrics because that will often create chaos in your brain as you sing along, forgetting the important things you have to do when you get to work. Classical music relaxes the mind and opens it up to critical thinking and it's a nice way to "warm up" for your day, as well as "cool down".

I hope these tips were useful and that you make the most of your work experiences while staying happy and positive!

Good luck,

Sr. Career Assistant

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