Wednesday, March 27, 2013

International Student? Get your Certificate for Success!

Are you an international student looking to ease the transition into university life in Canada? Or maybe just looking to gain valuable skills and experience?

Created in collaboration with the Office of International Services, the Student Development Centre, the Academic Integrity Officer, Career Services, the Brock University Library, Human Rights and Equity Services and Community Services, the Certificate for Success offers students a chance to gain a diverse set of skills and experiences that prepare them both academically and professionally.

To complete the certificate, candidates must complete 2 mandatory workshops, 4 elective seminars, and 8 hours of volunteer work. Click on each link to be guided to the website to read about the various workshops offered to you.

"But Brittany," you ask, "what is the benefit of attaining this certificate?". Well, besides the focused workshops in academic integrity, time management, essay writing, note taking and study skills, you can also use your certificate in job search, school applications, or for something extra to add to your portfolio!

Feel free to drop by the Career Resource Centre between 9 and 4:30pm, Monday-Friday for assistance with starting up in this worthwhile program, or even for assistance in figuring out how to attain the 8 necessary volunteer hours!

See you soon,

Sr. Career Assistant

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