Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How to get Information on Job Markets

Finding information on job markets is important, especially for new grads, as it can help them to narrow their job search. If they know which industries are at their peak in terms of hiring and which have already passed their peak than they can spend their time applying to jobs that they actually have a chance of getting because they are actually hiring.

Job search is a difficult process and is extremely taxing especially if you are applying to job after job and then seeing rejection after rejection. However, this rejection is not meant to be personal. It is just a reflection of the fact that that industry is not in need of help. But there are others which are and these are the industries new grads, especially those who have no set position or industry in mind should be applying.

Thankfully there are some online job market information sites which can aid in this process of finding these open industries. These are:

Niagara Occupational Profiles list a variety of occupational categories that provide job profiles and statistics of careers found in the Niagara Region

National Occupational Classification (NOC Codes) is Canada’s occupational directory that helps job seekers understand the labour market in Canada

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) is America’s occupational directory that helps job seekers understand the labour market in the USA

The Alliance of Sector Councils (TASC) is a group representing 37 industry sectors that work collaboratively to address Canadian labour market issues
Canadian Salary Survey offers a wages and salary guide for different occupations and trades in Canada

MyEducationHasValue outlines information on job trends in Ontario and around the world

Niagara Workforce Planning Board issues monthly and annual reports on labour market trends and issues in the Niagara Region

Working in Canada provides you with an overview of Canada’s job market, labour market projections and wages which is searchable by city/region and by job title

These are the most common labour market information sites. So whether you are a new grad looking to narrow your job search or if you’re a lower year undergrad just wondering if the career you want to pursue has a good outlook, these tools can be helpful for you.

In addition to these online resources, we also have a trends binder in the resource centre which is frequently updated and has some really interesting information about top occupations, top employers, upcoming job markets etc.

As you can see there is a wealth of information on the topic so I would really encourage you to check out all of the information to be fully aware of all that is going on in the field. Who knows, you may even be able to impress a hiring manager in an interview with all of your knowledge of the industry.

That’s all for now folks,

Sr. Career Assistant

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