Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Med Plus Applications

students in athlectic health therapy            Planning on a career in health care? Want some extra guidance as to what aspect of health care you would like to involve yourself in? or....want experience in the field you have your heart set on?
            If so, then Med Plus is definitely the program for you. Whether you are an incoming student or a first year who missed the opportunity when you first came, we welcome you to apply! If you are in the sciences or health sciences and plan on pursuing a career in health care or medicine, this is a great opportunity.

QUICK FACT: 18% of regular students who applied to Med School were accepted while 44% of Med Plus students who applied were accepted!

         It seems that the program greatly increases your chances of getting into med school and likely helps just as much in applications to other professional programs. How come?

        The reason for this is because you gain so much experience through the program that by the end of it, you are able to articulate exactly what you are looking for and want. You will be able to back what you tell the employer about what you know with experiences you have had which prove you know what your talking about and have the ability to perform certain skills. Not to mention the list of experiences through speaker series, volunteer placements and job shadowing opportunities that  the program offers which will make you stand out as an applicant! s a part of this program you will participate in a series of workshops and listen to a variety of speakers. In addition, you will have 50 volunteer hours a year in a health care setting that suits your wants and needs. In these experiences you will have many opportunities to network yourself, building relationships which will work to help you to build contacts who can help you through your career search path.

          The minimum average to apply (based on last 2 years of study) whether you are coming from highschool or post- secondary is 80% and because of the increase in popularity of this program, the higher your average, the better your chances. In order to apply there are a few things you need to prepare ahead of time as well.
1. Autobiographical Sketch
2. Statement of Interest
3. Reference Letter
          Apart from these additional documents there is an online application form which needs to be filled out. More detailed information about these documents, the program and the application can be found on our website. Once there just click on the left options which will direct you to more specific information.
         It really is a great opportunity to get involved in. If you are already a Brock student feel free to come in to have someone on our team review your statement of intent and we would be happy to help you out. If you wanted to come in to the resource centre we could also answer any other questions you might have and there is so much information on our website as well.
And yes, you will find out if you have been accepted into the program before you have to confirm your acceptance to Brock. In case you were wondering.
That is all for now. Good luck folks,
Rosemary Tamburini
Sr. Career Assistant

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