Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why Compile A Portfolio? 5 Benefits

A portfolio is one of the hidden treasures in the world of career documents. In the Career Resource Centre we always vouche for students creating career portfolios; but why? Many of the customers we serve tend to be confused about what a porfolio could possibly be used for - what's the benefit to them?

Good question.

It's just a start, but here are 5 amazing benefits of compiling a portfolio:
  1. You are able to organize your own thinking about your career development. It's incredible how once you have all of your documents in one place (and organized by section!), you are more able to clearly see how your experiences have culminated to what you've been working towards all this time.
  2. It will assist in the presentation of your qualifications, skills, experiences and achievements. What better way to show off all of your hard work than to have it all in one place? Portfolios also serve as a great memory aid to remind you just how many things you've done so far in your academic or professional career.
  3. It will give you an advantage over other job seekers. Portfolios, if used properly, can make potential employers remember you over other applicants. By flagging exactly what you'd like to show them and offering the concrete examples of your experiences in your portfolio it will definitely make you stand out.   
  4. A portfolio increases your credibility by providing documentation that backs up your resume. Having tangible evidence that supports your achievements can really validate everything you include on your resume. Things like certificates, job performance reviews, awards, or writing samples can all work to provide an employer or educational institution the documentation they need that directly attests to the information you provided in your resume.
  5. Portfolios are a great networking tool. Sometimes it becomes difficult describing an experience to another professional only using your words. Your portfolio can provide another person with a more in-depth look at your accomplishments which can push that individual to make a professional connection with you based on a better, more visual, representation of your skills.
Convinced yet?
I knew you would be!

Stop by the Career Resource Centre for information on how to get started on creating your very own portfolio.

Remember, it's only to your benefit!
- Lia

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