Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Proper Workplace Behavior 101

Whether or not you enjoy your current job it is important to uphold a positive reputation within the company. Not only should you keep yourself in line in order to maintain your position  but also to secure a solid reference for future jobs. Part-time jobs are not meant for slacking - building a positive relationship with co-workers and your boss can go a long way!

Below are a number of obvious but important things to keep in mind during your work shifts:

  • Stay off your cell phone!
    • We can all admit to having an issue with this. During a long (and especially boring) shift it's so tempting to check your phone or text your significant other. However, this is a serious offense in many workplaces and could lower your employers opinion of you - or worse, get you fired.
  • Check your Facebook on your break or wait until you get home
    • This is just as important as not checking your cell phone. Checking your Facebook is the best thing you can do if you're looking to get fired. Unless you are a social media coordinator save updating your status until you get home.
  •  Stay on task
    • It's great to have a good relationship with your co-workers but don't let socializing get in the way of the work you're getting paid to do!
  •  Get to know your boss
    • Make an effort to talk to your supervisor. Having a good working relationship with them will make your time at work easier for the both of you.
  •  Arrive on time
    • And if you're going to be late - call ahead! But try really hard to get to work about 15 minutes before your shift starts. This will allow you to properly prepare (ie. grabbing a coffee and checking your personal email!) before your shift starts.
Obvious but important things to remember!

 - Ashley


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