Thursday, November 29, 2012

Avoiding Workplace Gossip

Everyone hears it and most of us have had some part in spreading it but if you're saying something about someone that you wouldn't say in their presence... then it's gossip!

Workplace gossip is not necessarily something you would want to engage in and it should be avoided at all costs especially in the workplace where it can compromise your professionalism and integrity.

You know that saying: "Its a small world"?... this pertains to the workplace too. 

  • resentment                                                           
  • rivalries
  • self conscienceness
  • unnecessary tension
  • lack of group cohesiveness
  • negative effects on teamwork and productivity
As you can see, there are some serious reprecussions to engaging in workplace gossip and it is so prevalent and hard to avoid so I wanted to let you know about it and to provide you some helpful tips in preventing it!  I hope in knowing you will be able to easier recognize signs and learn some preventative measures.

Here are some strategies you may be interested in employing if you find your self faced with similar uncomfortable situations:
  • Encourage open communication thus preventing workplace gossip to form in the first place 
  • Change the subject to something more positive and preferablly work related
  • Ignore it or fade it out trying of course not to be rude about it
  • Politely say to the gossipers that you do not think this subject would be appropriate at work. Try maybe framing it in a way that depicts your interest so you are not attacking them (ex. I am sorry but this topic makes me feel uncomfortable).
  • Approach supervisor and ask her to mention something in a meeting or on a bulletin that is overarching and does not target anyone specifically, but rather as something that has been noticed
  • Finally, if the problem persists contact supervisor with a name and information on what you have been noticing specifically

We can all help in trying to stop gossip from spreading. It is hard to not engage in gossip.
While some information you could gain while gossiping is certainly interesting, it will not be life changing or necessary for your development. In fact, as we have shown it will likely be more detrimental than anything else.


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