Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Teaching Resumes: Preparing for Future Employment

So you’re looking to become a teacher! You've got some great experience on your resume, but you're not sure how to format this into a TEACHING resume.

Teaching resumes are slightly different than the traditional resumes that you may be used to creating. Below is a list of differences that you should aware of when you begin constructing your document:

  • Teaching resumes are generally 1-2 pages in length, including your references on the bottom. For those of you with a little more experience, if you go onto a third page with your teaching resume, that's usually okay.
  • References should be individuals that have witnessed you working/volunteering in a teaching environment (i.e. principle, teacher, etc.). Unlike regular resumes, teaching resumes will always include your list of references. 
  • Work and volunteering should be situated around teaching experiences. 
  • Be specific about who you taught, what you taught (grade levels) and if you participated in any  extracurricular activities in your experiences.
  • Key items that you want the employer to see first should go on the first half of the first page (i.e. teaching qualifications go here).
  •  Does one of your references know the principal of the school you are applying to? Be sure to include them!

Stop by the Career Resource Centre in the Learning Commons to view our “Resume Samples for the Faculty of Education” binder. We have a small collection of teaching resumes that proved successful for the teaching candidates that used them.

Other Helpful Teaching Resources available in Career Services:


And remember to come by Career Services from Nov 12 – 16 (this week!) for International Education Week! Guess the answer to our world trivia question and enter our draw to win The Travel Book! 

See you soon!

- Ashley

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