Thursday, September 29, 2011


This week we are featuring information on some of largest entrance exams and ones that are most frequently asked about. We understand the pressure students may face while in the process of studying and writing- but Career Services is here for you!

Here's a little information on the LSAT and MCAT exams:

LSAT stands for The Law School Admission Test which is a standard test and essential part of the law school admission process. The test is administered 4 times a year all throughout the world, and examines your reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools use to assess applicants. The LSAT is a series of five, 35-minute sections of all multiple-choice questions.

For more information or test dates please visit:

The MCAT is The Medical College Admission Test which assesses your problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills and knowledge of science and concepts as a prerequisite before studying medicine. MCAT is also a multiple choice exam, held many times throughout the year.

To register for the MCAT or more information please visit

To help prepare for the LSAT and MCAT please visit the Career Resource Centre where we have study guides here for you.

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  1. Hey..A lot of thanks to you for sharing about MCAT..I was thinking for preparing MCAt but little afraid about fighting this exam As it is considered toughest exam..But after reading your article feeling better..and thanks for providing link for MCAT.

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