Friday, September 9, 2011

Declining a Job Offer

Last week you had no job and you were twiddling your thumbs watching reruns of Friends just waiting for the phone to ring… and now you’ve received multiple offers, you poor thing… what are you to do?

You’ve accepted a job from the first employer you heard from because you were worried you wouldn’t be receiving any other calls. But now you heard from another employer who you’d much prefer working for; what do you do? Hopefully you haven’t started training because that would be a waste of your employer’s time and resources. Phone immediately after hearing from employer #2 and explain your situation. Always speak in a positive manner – you don’t want to burn bridges. You don’t have to say exactly why you are choosing another employer. Saying the other job is a better fit with your current career goals is better than comparing salaries. Don’t forget to thank them for their courtesy, you never know, maybe you’ll be seeing them soon!

You have your eye on a specific employer but they haven’t called yet. In the meantime you’ve received other job offers, what do you tell them? If you’re dedicated to holding out for the big prize, thank them for their offer but you’d like some time to consider your options. Employers don’t expect to be your only choice. Respect their schedule and respond within the week with your final decision.

It’s rare but, some employers may request you to also provide a written letter of your decline for their human resource offices to consider in future job postings. This usually only occurs within Situation 1 if you filled out paper work and started working already.

Remember: the key to declining a job offer is to be respectful and tell them as soon as possible so they can make alternative plans.

-          Samantha

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