Thursday, September 1, 2011

The 2011-2012 CA Team

Say hello to our fresh batch of Career Assistants! This week they've undergone a lot of training and gained the knowledge required to assist you in your academic and career endeavours. Career Services values the opinions and experiences of students from diverse backgrounds. Our team is constructed of students with various interests, educations and ages. We want you to know about our team, so I did some mini interviews to kick things off:

Krista - Currently switching from Con-Ed into Child Health
What's your Personality Dimensions colour and how will it apply to working at Career Services?
My PD assessment resulted in a highscore with the colour blue. Blue's are described as having a complex means of communication. I feel that my communication skills will benefit Career Services when working in team situations and among peers.

Jonathan - Sociology
What are you most looking forward to learning about at Career Services? Why?
I'm looking forward to learning about the wide range of career paths available to Brock students and how or why they choose certain careers.

Ashley - Interactive Arts & Science
What was your dream job in elementary school?
What's your dream job today?
Video Game Developer or Disney Imagineer

Amr - Kinesiology
How will working at Career Services help prepare you for your future?
My career pursuit, like most, is full of interviews and creating long term preparatory goals. Career Services provides me with the skills and knowledge to make a dreadful task relatively enjoyable.

Brittany - English Language & Literature/Dramatic Arts
What do you want to do after graduation?
I'd like to pursue a Master's degree in Discourse Studies, Postcolonial Theory or Theatre and thereafter complete my Bachelor of Education.

Rosemary - Child & Youth Studies
What's the best job you've ever had & why?
My best job ever was working at Youth University at Brock because I loved being a counselor and I made a lot of good memories.

These Career Assistants will be led by our new Senior CA's who I had actually mentored last year, so I know their in good hands!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new team =)
Every day will be a new learning experience which will ultimately help you in developing your personal career goals. Working at Career Services is a real opportunity and one of the best experiences I've had during by time at Brock, so enjoy it while it lasts because time flies!

- Samantha

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