Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Resource Review: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success!

Here at Brock University we try to help students with as much as we possibly can. Something that has become a very popular question from our students is how to use LinkedIn effectively for job search and networking. Lately we have received some new resources to add to our library that can help answer that question.

The resource I am going to be focusing on is "The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success" written by Wayne Breitbarth. This is a great how-to book on one of the fastest growing social media platforms out there today. The reason why it is so popular? It helps lead people to networks, personal branding and of course careers.The world has become increasingly globalized in the last decade that we depend on sites such as LinkedIn and networks to connect us with professionals all around the world.

Breitbarth explains how LinkedIn can be used as a tool, just like a hammer or drill. It has a reason and can be used to do a job correctly. To obtain success from LinkedIn he lays out a formula to follow:

Your Unique Experience + Your Unique Relationships + the Tool (LinkedIn) = The Power

Breitbarth also says that along with these 3 components is how you display yourself online. Everything from your photograph to your headline are important things to keep in mind. Professionalism is key to having a successful LinkedIn account. 

Later, he explained how joining groups and making connections with professionals is important for those especially looking for jobs and connections. Joining groups will increase the likelihood of you becoming discovered over LinkedIn. LinkedIn may be a new and developing tool to use but if you combine what you know with who you know you will see how it can be rewarding. 

The best part of this resource in my opinion is the Profile Perfection Checklist it gives us at the end. It reminds you about all the tips and tricks throughout the book and how to use them. This is a great resource for university and college students looking into their future. Come in to visit us in the library to check it out for yourself!  

Alysha-Lynn Kooter, Graphics and Promotions/Career Assistant, Intermediate/Senior Concurrent Education, Visual Arts

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