Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Online Resource Review: Ten Thousand Coffees!

In a time when networking is one of the most important aspects of job seeking, meeting up with a professional for coffee would be a fantastic learning experience. Ten Thousand Coffees is an online mentoring website for students and recent grads to use to connect with professionals in a wide range of fields. Ten Thousand Coffees lets you create a profile and then look up different professionals by industry. For example: Finance, Arts, Marketing & Ad, Science, etc. After finding someone with a desired career of yours you can look at their profile to read a little bit about them and then decide if you want to meet with them for coffee, email them, or call them.
     Having a conversation with someone who has years of experience can help you pursue your own passions and dreams. Along with that you will instantly be networking with people who are developed in their careers.    
     The professionals on Ten Thousand Coffees are able to help give you advice on your career, job searching, what qualifications people are looking for and how you can go about finding opportunity. They are giving their time to act as a mentor to the next generation.
     If you're interested in getting more information on the job market, a specific industry, or just some over all career advise then I recommend you try out this resource! It can be a lot of fun browsing through the profiles and thinking about what you would ask them if you had the chance. Now you do have the chance so don't be shy :). We would love to know what you think of it, comment below with your thoughts!

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