Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Niagara Artists Centre: STRUTT Call for Submissions!

In Niagara we are lucky to have a great community that loves art and culture! The Niagara Artists Centre is a part of that community and they are looking to help artists show their wearable art this year! If you are studying Visual Arts or you are a graduate from Visual Arts you can appreciate this opportunity that NAC is offering.

Currently, I am going into my third year of Visual Arts, concentrating in Intermedia and Design. I know I want to take my career in a direction that uses the applications of other media to impact lives. Opportunities like this one help me discover how I can do that. It also builds up great experience on your resume and in your portfolio! Another great thing about not only showing your work but also just attending the event! Attending the event is a great way to network with other artists and professionals and gain connections within this community. You can learn a lot from talking with someone who has had years of experience within this field.

If you are living in Niagara and has a passionate interest in wearable art and transforming the human body then check out this website for more information about submissions: http://www.nac.org/calls-for-submissions/strutt-wearable-art-runway-show/

Below are some photos from STRUTT 2013


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