Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Personal vs Career Related Interests

“I’m really interested in playing the accordion, should I put that on my resume?”

When it comes to listing interests on your resume or CV it is always good to know the difference between personal interests and  academic or career related interests. For example, a personal interest could be playing the accordion. This is a unique personal Interest but it doesn’t bring a whole lot to the table in terms of transferable skills or knowledge. A career related interest would be something to do with your field or a specific research interest. I will use myself as an example! I am in Tourism and Environment and my specific career related interests are sustainable waste management solutions, and implementing eco strategies at smaller tourism destinations. This allows prospective employers or  schools to see where my focus is, and learn a little bit more about my academic personality.  When you are writing your resume, some personal interests may not be pertinent to include.  Employers don’t need to know everything you do in your down time, but if you feel that an interest really speaks volumes about who you are and what you have to offer then by all means include it. Academic or research interests are always valuable if they are specific and descriptive. If you have any questions about what to include in your resume or CV come in to the career services center for a free review! Please be sure to have a printed copy of your document for us to use J

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