Thursday, October 24, 2013

Online Career Assessments

If you have already tried Career Cruising and Type Focus assessments, which are accessible on Brock’s Career Zone, you can also access FREE assessments online! Below are some good free online career assessments to try out:

 The Holland Code Quiz is a free assessment that requires you to check off traits, values, skills and more that represent you. Once you have completed the assessment, you will be provided with a list of jobs that best suits you based on your results.
You can find free Holland Code Quizzes easily online. Or check out the link below to try it now!

The Princeton Review offers an excellent 5 minute career aptitude test that you can take online for free. In addition, they offer hundreds of career aptitude profiles, listing all the strengths required for each job. Once you have taken the aptitude test, the Princeton Review will recommend not only jobs based on your career aptitude results, but also schools that would best suit your needs, as well as an in-depth analysis of these schools to help you rank them.
Check out The Princeton Review here:

Carolyn Kalil offers a wonderful career aptitude test called the True Colors Test. Dividing personalities into 4 main career aptitude groups, this test will help you determine what color is most dominant in you and whether there are other colors that play an important role in who you are. Each of the 4 career aptitude colors relates to specific fields of employment. The 4 career aptitude (or personality) colors are: Blue, Gold, Green and Orange. Blue stands for Compassionate, Gold for Conventional, Green for Conceptual, and Orange for Courageous.
Fin your colour here:

Nella Paris
Senior Career Assistant
Psychology Major (Honours)

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