Thursday, October 3, 2013

HELP! My career cruising job matches don't make sense!

Want to be a clown doctor? Funeral director? Me neither. So why, after filling out over 60 questions, would career cruising suggest these as possible career paths for you? Let me explain! The career matches you receive after filling out a career assessment are based upon your answers to the over 60 questions about your likes and dislikes. Perhaps you are a compassionate understanding person who has excellent listening skills. Wouldn’t those skills be useful when assisting a mourning person plan a special service during a difficult time? Or how about your enthusiasm and passion for helping people? I think those would be excellent skills for a clown doctor to have.

The list of matches you will receive through career cruising matchmaker may not all seem like perfect career prospects for you and of course that is not all that is out there for you. It is only a taste of the few excellent careers for which you would be best suited. It is absolutely not the be all and end all of what you should do with your life!

When you are filling out your questions, try to avoid picking ‘neutral’ or ‘I don’t know’ because the system will have a harder time connecting you with appropriate career paths. You will get much more accurate results with accurate answers.

The career matchmaker is a valuable tool when trying to figure out what career paths would be best for you. From the list of careers you can start to do some excellent research on careers, related careers and even find out salary information, education requirements and more.  Feel free to come in to career services to get a quick lesson on how to use career cruising. You will be glad you did!

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