Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Career Assessments

What is a Career Assessment?
Career Assessments are tools that help you identify your values, interests, and skills. After identifying what makes up these key areas, the assessments will then match you up with careers that compliment your personal values, interests, and skills.

 Why do a Career Assessment?
Career assessments are extremely valuable and informative because they open your mind to new and exciting opportunities; you may be surprised about the jobs you are matched with. I always encourage people to perform a career assessment because what you think you are interested in may not exactly fit with you interests. Moreover, you could potentially be matched with careers that you never knew existed. The results can be eye-opening and exciting.

 Career Services has 2 popular Career Assessments that can be accessed through Career Zone:
Career Cruising
Career Cruising is an online career exploration tool that helps you narrow down career options based on your interests. It provides you with specific job information such as job descriptions, salary/wages, working conditions, education requirements and more!

Type Focus
Type Focus is an interactive self-assessment tool that will help you understand yourself better and assist you in making more effective decisions regarding the next steps in your life, whether you’re looking for work or exploring further education. The Type Focus assessment will also help you clarify your values, skills and interests, which will allow you to more clearly identify the career options that best suit you!      

Nella Paris
Senior Career Assistant

Psychology Major (Honours)

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