Friday, July 19, 2013

Nursing Occupational Trends in North America

Interested in a job in the Health Care field? Nursing vacancies are opening up in large numbers across Canada and the United States. According to the Canadian Government site Working In Canada, the demand for Nurses is at an all-time rise due to the aging population of Canadian citizens, and working Nurses. To help alleviate the shortage of nurses in some provinces, the provincial government is recruiting internationally educated nurses to help fill shortages and fill positions in some Regional Health Authorities.

If you are considering nursing, the outlook for you is ideal and will continue to be ideal for many years to come. With a shortage of nurses, new graduates may have a large variety of specialties to choose from and work in. In a shaky economy, an unemployment rate of about 2% is looking pretty good.

Also check out the nursing trends in the United States. The current trends are comparable to Canadian trends, so if you would like to go abroad for your studies, the U.S. may be a good place to start!
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