Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Faculty of Math & Science

Continuing on with our faculty-specific blog posts, this week is….Math and Science! Career Services has tons of great resources to help students from this faculty with career planning, job search, and more!

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Career Opportunities - Cosmic Career Coaching has graciously written us another article specifically for our Math and Science students, here is it...

What Careers Are Available to Faculty of Math and Science Students?

Science and math are widely considered as the foundation of modern education. This explains why a high school diploma isn’t enough to qualify for careers based on such disciplines. To be a math and science expert, one will have to attain a much higher degree of education. In general, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum education requirement for those careers that involve advanced principles of math and science.


Complex math and science principles are used by astronomers for studying various astronomical phenomena and heavenly bodies. An astronomer is usually focused on doing research on comets, supernovae, stars, and black holes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual earnings of an astronomer in 2011 were at $102,000. When it comes to their employers, a lot of astronomers work for universities and colleges, and the federal government. There are many who are also employed by private organizations engaged in scientific research.


Physicists are mainly involved in the study of the physical properties of the world we live in, including motion, gravity, atoms, and light. There is a lot that we already know now about the way our universe works, and much of this knowledge is the result of the numerous studies and research conducted by physicists.

The Labor Statistics Bureau reports that an average physicist could earn at least $112,000 annually in 2011. Physicists are actually in demand, especially in organizations or companies doing various scientific research and development projects. Some also opt to become teachers and professors in community colleges and even universities.


What a statistician does primarily is gather and analyze data using various math techniques in an effort to gain a better understanding of certain events in the world. Economics, business, and even scientific research all make use of statistics.

As for the average annual income of a statistician, it is at $77,200 in 2011. As a statistician, you can work for the federal government, state governments, insurance companies, and other private organizations conducting scientific research.


An experienced and professional mathematician makes use of complex and advanced math techniques to find a solution to various real life problems related to engineering, business, science, and many other fields.

As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 35 percent of mathematicians are employed by the federal government in 2011. Some were involved in private organizations that focus on scientific research and development. Meanwhile, there are many of these experts who also worked in universities, colleges, and technical or professional schools. For those who want their career pathways to be in the line of business, consultant jobs are commonly taken my math graduates. In terms of the annual income received by mathematics graduates, it is reported to be at an average of $101,200 annually in 2011.

Thanks again Cosmic Coaching Centre, we look forward to more of your articles!

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