Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Faculty of Social Sciences

Hello to all the Social Science people out there! Might I say it is a great faculty to be apart of. If you are wondering what you can do with your Social Science degree, Career Services can help!

For starters, Career Services has a Degree Exploration Guide for every Social Science program. These are great resources that can show you various jobs you could do with your degree, and job search resources. Specifically, the information on DEGs include: Career Options, Degree Specific Skills, Business and Employer Directories, Professional Associations, Internships and Volunteering, Further Education and Entrance Exams, and Career and Job Search Resources.

Once you have chosen some jobs that are of interest to you, make sure you research them so you know what to expect working in that field. A great place to start is on Career Cruising, which can be accesed by logging into Career Zone with your student log in. You can also research job outlook, wage expectancies, and much more on the Working in Canada Government Website.

If you prefer comming into the Resource Centre and sitting down with a great book, Career Services has many books that are degree/job specific. Some Titles include:


Once you have figured out what career you are ready to commit to--yes you have to do this eventually--check out Career Services' many recommended job boards which can be found on our Career Services website.

Your next step is resume writing. Check out Career Zone's Social Science resume samples. These will help get you started with all your resume writing needs.

You are almost there! Your final step to getting the job of your dreams is to nail that interview. Career Zone also has online interview prep workshops you can complete. Or, come into the Resource Centre to take a look at our print resources. If you are looking for a real interview feel, you can always book a mock interview with our Resource Coordinator and Faculty Liaison. This is a great way to receive feedback on what you can improve on and what you did well.

Now, the rest is up to you. Good Luck Social Science Majors!

Nella Paris
Senior Career Assistant
Psychology Major (Honours)

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