Monday, July 22, 2013

Faculty of Education

Do you enjoy teaching, life-long learning, and have great communication and interpersonal skills? If you possess all of these qualities, the faculty of education may have the right program for you! If you are already studying education, then you are probably aware of the education degrees that Brock offers. These degrees include the Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education.
If you are interested in learning more about your program, what type of careers you can get with your degree, and where to look for job postings, the Career Resource centre has a variety of resources that can help you answer these questions:

·         At Career Services you will find a Degree Exploration Guide for every program offered at Brock University. On the Education and ECE DEG you will find career information, degree specific skills that you will have learned from the program, specific and general job search resources and much more. These DEGs are housed in the resource centre and are free to take, or you can locate them on the Career Services Website from any location!

·         If you want to further research a career, Career Cruising is a great place to start! Simply log in to Career Zone with your Brock ID and access Career Cruising under the online resources tab. On this site you can find out what type of education you need for a job, how you will progress in a career, earnings, and real world descriptions of the career from people who currently work in the field.

·         The Career Services Website has a large list of online job boards that you can search through for all kinds of jobs including education related jobs. Some great websites to check out include Education Canada, and Apply to Education.
The above resources are a great way to get you started, but the resource centre has many more resources to help you progess from student to career professional.

Nella Paris
Senior Career Assistant
Psychology Major (Honours)


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