Friday, April 26, 2013

Saying Goodbye... 2012-2013

It's hard to believe that 3 of our Senior Staff and 1 of our Career Assistants at Career Services are moving on from the Resource Centre this year. It's been amazing having these ladies as a part of the Career Assistant team and we will miss them dearly. Here are some words of wisdom & goodbye from each of them:

Wow, I cannot believe how fast 3 years have flown by. Working at Career Services since my 2nd year has been absolutely incredible; I have met so many wonderful people and have learned SO much about myself along the way. I have loved being a co-author for this blog and  I am extremely grateful for the opportunities I have been given working as a Career Assistant and will take with me all the lessons I've learned into my future endeavors. I wish the best to both the returning & new staff - you will have an experience you will never forget!
- Lia, Lead Career Assistant (Staff from 2010-2013)

Lia is graduating from Child and Youth Studies with courses in Applied Linguistics. She is going on to do her Masters in Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Western Ontario in the fall.

 Hello folks. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for you all in the blog this past year. I hope that you enjoyed reading them as much as me, and my colleagues have enjoyed writing them. I look forward to following the advice I often give students about graduating, as I will be graduating in June and will need to find a career, or have a career find me. That would be nice. In any case, my past two years as a Career Assistant have been immeasurably amazing and I wish the Senior Career Assistants and the new Career Assistants all the best for next year. Thanks for all of the support!
-Rosemary, Senior Career Assistant (Staff from 2011-2013)

Rosemary is also graduating from Child and Youth Studies and will be going on to do her Masters of Applied Disability Studies at Brock University this Fall.

I don't think I have ever loved a job as much as this one right here. I have had so many great opportunities working in this department, from  helping people in the centre through reviewing resumes and updating resources, sharing all of our useful resources here on the blog for you guys, preparing and helping to train the new staff this year, and not to mention so many workshops and professional development opportunities! Boy is this hard to say goodbye! I will miss it more than anyone can know. But the new team will be fantastic and I cannot wait to see what they do with the centre, resources, and blog! My words of wisdom? Don't worry if you change your mind about school, your job, or anything for that matter - it's never too late. Doing what you love is always the better choice. But always remember to give it your all and always work hard! Cheers :) 
-Brittany, Senior Career Assistant (Staff from 2011-2013)

Brittany is graduating from a five year Combined Major in English Language and Literature and Dramatic Arts and going on to do her Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate/Senior Division at Brock University this Fall.

And of course, Kylie Gervais, who came on to the team in her fourth year and was unfortunately unable to stay on as a Senior Career Assistant had this to say about her experience here:

My favourite thing about Career Services was all that I learned! I am so thankful for the skills and knowledge I took away and can apply to my future endeavours. I felt so lucky having the "inside scoop" on everything career and job related! I also loved the feeling I got when I really helped someone succeed and reach their goals. Like, seeing the lightbulb go off kinda thing! But the thing I will miss the most is obviously the team of co-workers and staff I was a part of. I will really miss it. 
- Kylie Gervais, Career Assistant (Staff from 2012-2013)

Kylie is in the Concurrent Education Program in the Junior/Intermediate Division with English and Geography teachables. She will be attending her final year of the program at Brock University's Hamilton Campus!

Let's all wish Lia, Rosemary, Brittany and Kylie luck as they go on to their next year of education and beyond.


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