Friday, April 26, 2013

Avoid Procrastination..... NOW!

So, I started this blog on April 4th. It is now the 26th. For someone who is supposed to be giving you "how to avoid procrastination tips"I'm not doing the greatest of jobs, am I? Well, let me do my best. To follow are a list of dos and do nots for how to avoid procrastination, at all costs.

1. Start TODAY.

Example 1: I wish I looked at what I had to do for this project two weeks ago... it's due in three days and by the looks of it I cannot possibly finish on time.

Oh NO!

Example 2: I'm so glad I spent today looking up everything I needed to complete this assignment even though it's due in three weeks. Great to know I won't need all three weeks to complete it, and that I now know exactly what I need and can plan for it!


By checking ahead, even if you don't necessarily need all of that time to complete a task or assignment, it will at least prepare you so you do not fall victim to having procrastinated it and selling yourself short for time.

Example: I just didn't have time to write the blog, I've been so busy finishing everything I have to do at Career Services before I leave!  Today is my last day-


By making excuses you are just giving yourself another reason to procrastinate when you're trying to avoid this in the first place. Solution?

3. Make to-do lists.

Example: I'm so glad I made that to-do list so I could mark all of the priority items I had to complete before my last day at Career Services.


By creating a list of goals to be completed for each shift, or even each week, it makes it a lot easier to complete your tasks on-time. If you do not have a time-line, you might assume you have more time to complete something than you really do, and then you might find yourself rushing to complete projects/assignments last minute and ultimately do a poor job.

4. Not only should you start TODAY but really always give yourself more time than you know you need.

Example 1: My assignment's due next month, I've got so much time. I'll start in like, two weeks.


By waiting to begin her assignment, she is limiting the amount of time she has to brainstorm, come up with a good idea and really put together something worthwhile. She might be able to finish it on time as long as nothing out of the ordinary comes up to devastate the short timeline, but I anticipate a long night of coffee and red bull the night before this is due, with no time for editing whatsoever.

Example 2: My assignment is due in a month. I am going to start researching topics now, and be done that Friday. I will then compile the information I need and create my focus. By next Monday, I will begin writing, spending 1 hour a night doing so. I will finish writing by Friday, one week before the assignment is officially due!


The second example is much more realistic and beneficial for completing the assignment on time. This person set goals for completion, made a timeline to accompany these goals, and gave herself an extra week in case anything comes up!


Basically, all of the advice I am giving you today comes down to planning ahead. Use the forms attached to a previous blog about setting goals such as the Goal Action Form in order to really ensure you're being SMART:

S pecific
M easurable
A chievable
R realistic
T imely

I hope these tips help you all. I would like to say I use them often, especially to-do lists. Everyone makes mistakes though, so don't worry. Just do your best! But I promise, getting your stuff done early and having spare time afterward feels WAY BETTER than having fun now and finishing it later because that assignment sticks in the back of your mind. So get it out of the way and enjoy the spring/summer, friends!


Sr. Career Assistant

PS, this is my last real blog post. I'm so sad and going to miss you all!

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