Thursday, April 11, 2013

Exam Hours and Good Luck

So the time is here, another semester has come and gone. Unfortunately, it is also the time to buckle down, make study notes, overdose on caffeine, and count down the hours until you are free for the summer (unless your taking spring and summer courses that is). Or, if your like me, your finishing up your thesis while anticipating graduation and starting out in the "real world". In any case, I'm reminding you that the end is near and that you will make it through! :)

In the event that you want a study break/want to come see the career services crew for a little while, we are open Mon - Fri from 9-4 until April 26. Although our hours are shorter, we will still be offering all of the same wonderful services. Students at this time of the year, especially if they are graduating, often come in to pick up their experience plus, mentorship plus, and international plus transcripts. So if you have not yet requested them, here is a friendly reminder to do so.

Once exams are over, we will be starting our spring/summer hours. We will be open Mon - Fri 9-4, so if you are still here feel free to stop by.

Thats all for now folks. Good luck on all of your exams and all the best!

Sr. Career Assistant

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