Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Introducing Next Year's Sr. Career Assistant Team!

I am very excited to introduce the new Sr. Career Assistants for the upcoming 2013/1014 school year! Here's what the new Sr. CAs love most about working at Career Services:

"I love working at career services because I am constantly learning and putting that information to good  use with real world results!"
Becky White, Sr. Career Assistant (3rd Year Tourism and Environment)

"What I love about working at Career Services is that I get to help students and make
their lives a bit easier everyday. I also enjoy my co-workers company as work is so much
more enoyable when you're working with friends
Ben Nelles, Sr. Career Assistant (4rd Year Therapeutic Recreation)

"I enjoy working at Career Services because it is a wealth of knowledge that has provided
me with valuable skills necessary to succeed in the working world. In addition, I enjoy
having the opportunity to share this knowledge with fellow students in order to assist
them with their personal career journeys."
Nella Paris, Sr. Career Assistant (4th Year of Psychology)

"I love working at Career Services because I enjoy helping people figure out what they
want to do in the future. We have an amazing team and positive, friendly atmosphere,
which makes working here such a great experience!"
Jami-Lynn Coughler, Sr. Career Assistant (4th Year Public Health)

As the new Lead Career Assistant for the upcoming 2013/2014 school year I am looking forward to continuing to assist students in gaining confidence in their own skills and abilities during their stressful job hunt and when applying to graduate school.  :)

Ben, Nella, and Jami will be working 9-4, Monday to Friday during the summer and I will be joining them for full time promotions and graphic work during July and August! All of our services will continue to be available to students and alumni in need, so stop by and say hi!

Ashley Paolozzi, Lead Career Assistant
4th Year History of Art and Visual Culture

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