Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome Back Brockers!

So by tomorrow school will have officially been back in session for one whole week, and doesn't it feel like its full speed ahead? In Career Services we definitely feel this way. With Shop for Jobs just behind us and so many of you looking for part-time jobs, we have been happily busy with helping you guys!

We just wanted to take the time to welcome you all back, and let you know that our school year hours are Monday-Friday, 9-4:30pm! We are located just inside the South Entrance of the Learning Commons. Remember to come by with questions about your degree, finding a job, graduate school applications, you name it! As well, drop by with your resume and cover letter and we can review it for you no problem! It only takes ten minutes.

Hope to see you all soon and here's to a successful and productive year to all!


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