Thursday, September 13, 2012

Advantages of Part-Time Jobs

So it's a brand new school year and classes are well underway. What are you going to do to fill those spaces between lectures, before (or preferably after) you're done your assignments, and to make some extra cash?

...Well, you're going to apply for a part-time job, of course!

Working during your studies poses many valuable advantages to your university career. Just as a few examples, you will:
  • Be able to learn valuable transferable skills such as organization, teamwork, professional etiquette, customer service...the list goes on! Not to mention you might have the opportunity to take part in other professional development opportunities depending on your employer
  • Meet new people & network with professionals - not to mention you will also have the opportunity to snap up some wonderful references from your employer
  • Expand your resume and gain experience for your future career path (your part-time job may even open up doors for you in the future and turn into full-time work!)
  • Learn more about a specific field and/or industry
  • Help finance your education and other expenses
  • Diversify your schedule and take a break from schoolwork/other commitments
So as you can see, working during university has many benefits, even for the modern-day busy student. If you're interested in part-time work, check out CareerZone for current opportunities both on and off campus. For more general searches, take a look at the Find A Job section of our website, or as always, stop by the Resource Centre for more tips & tricks.

Happy job-hunting!

PS. It's wonderful to be back writing the blog for 2012-2013. Looking forward to an exciting year!

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