Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taking Care of Business: BCDO at Brock!

If you're a Business student, you may already know and use the Business Career Development Office (BCDO) on a regular basis. You may know that it is an invaluable tool geared to help Business students SPECIFICALLY with resume building, professional development, networking and degree exploration. For those of you who have never heard of the BCDO, or have heard of it and never used it, I write to you today to let you know that this amazing resource is there for you, Business students, so USE IT to your advantage!

Basically, the BCDO is an office there to help you:
  • understand and determine career options with your degree
  • create a resume and cover letter that will impress employers
  • conduct effective job search and succeed in a competitive job market
  • meet employers and network with industry professionals
Pretty much all the same stuff we offer here at Career Services, except specific to Business students!

There are a few differences:

Career Services:
 - drop in resume and cover letter reviews
 - more broad range career information
 - alumni can use us after they graduate, no cap on our services

 - due to the specific resume reviews they provide, appointments are necessary
 - walk-in hours and resume clinics are available
 - after one year, limitations on access to the BCDO occur
 - The BCDO offers a specific Business Job Postings section through Career Zone

NOTE: Business students can STILL come to Career Services for any of their career needs, from degree exploration to resume reviews, and even career planning. The main thing is that the BCDO offers very specific information, geared exclusively toward Business students. But we encourage all students to recognize all of the student services and resources available to them on campus and to take advantage of everything!

To book an appointment with the BCDO, just log in to Career Zone!

For more information feel free to visit the BCDO website, or email Stephanie Sugamori at for more details.


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